Summary of BoM contributions to the UM Partnership Technical Infrastructure Collaboration Project

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  • [Michael Naughton 24/09/2019] Initial page for Jun-Sep 2019 BoM UMTIP contributions for Sep-2019 TAG and UMPB meetings.

This is a summary page of BoM UMTIP progress for the 2019-20 year.

BoM 2019-2020 contributions

TIAG: TAG Advisory Group (and other management contributions)

Primary work packages

TIAN: Stabilising and re-engineering ancillary file system

  • MOSRS TIAN link
  • Sep-2019 highlight report
    • Wenming Lu
      • Jamie and Wenming working on for climatology data into AncilFile format
      • Wenming's ANTS visit in Met Office June 2019
      • Evaluation of KMA's IAE
      • Installation of ants/0.10.0 on raijin

TICT: UM Configuration Testing and system refresh

  • MOSRS TICT link
  • Sep-2019 highlight report
    • Ilia Bermous
      • Numerous changes in the UM sources using vn11.3 were implemented in June under the following 8 tickets: 4996-5001, 5005, 5053.
      • As the format of Fortran lines were updated in UM11.4, all implemented changes were manually "transferred" to the latest UM11.4 version.
      • At this stage changes made under tickets 4996, 5000 and 5053 have been included in UM11.5 trunk version. Tickets 4997, 4998, 4999, 5005 are still being finalised; progress in reviewing these tickets was very slow.
      • Found and investigated a bug introduced by the development made under ticket 4107, information has been passed to the ticket developer.
      • Detected a umdp3_checker script bug reported under ticket 5030.
    • Michael Naughhton
      • Circulated information on FAB development proposal, discussed with BoM and NIWA colleagues, provided feedback to Rich.
      • Reviewed KMA and NCWRWF TICT work proposals.
      • Other BoM TICT work on fcm build scripts and rose-stem not yet commenced; still planned for next couple of months (Milton Woods, Ilia Bermous).

TIDA: Data Assimilation and observations capability

  • MOSRS TIDA link
  • Sep-2019 highlight report
    • Andy Smith
      • 20 varpy tickets closed. Changes include:
        • Numerous bug fixes
        • Support added to use new wave_number column instead of reading from external files (for PS43+)
        • More consistent plot labelling
        • Filtering to use report_status if ops_report_flags not available or corrupted
        • Some support added for combination plots
        • Plot legend now auto-rescales when many subgroups plotted
        • Some code refactoring to improve modularity, code reuse and generic nature of the processing
      • New module written to interface with ODB files (existing code uses a legacy method that is deprecated). Also handles missing data better.
      • Rose stem runtime for obsmon reduced from approx. 1 hour to 20 minutes by redesigning and improving tests
      • A monitoring rota has been set up in the DA team to check obsmon outputs for operational global model data on a daily basis. The system has proven to be a valuable resource and also in regional model testing.
  • Sep-2019 checkpoint meeting

TISD: Suite Development and Design

  • MOSRS TISD link
  • Sep-2019 highlight report
    • Fiona Smith and Yi Xiao
      • Operational suites (YX & Team):
        • G3 (using rose/cylc; PS39 with PS40-like DA, additional development in Post Processing and Observation Extraction) is now operational.
        • Gridded OCF (IMPROVER style) cylc suite become operational late August.
        • Effort now to get C3 and TC3 operational by the end of the year if possible. Much work ongoing to port to the operational realm on the supercomputer and further development in Post processing and product generation.
      • Research trial suites:
        • Nothing to report at the moment. FS planning to start work on porting PS43 imminently - have set milestone for BoM/MO collaboration for end of year
      • Evaluation Suites:
        • Jin Lee, Vinod Kumar, Andy Smith, Milton Woods - have been working on development of a Conda environment at NCI, and have got the GES working using this environment.
      • TIDS:
        • FS has been working with Adam Maycock on getting DA repository up and running for use by partners. Still need to review working practices. Have put in place various summary tables of tickets (by repository; by partner etc).
        • FS has also been testing new summary tables put in place by Steve Oxley for OPS and VAR - aim to make tickets with partner interest more clearly accessible
        • FS has been talking to Adam and Steve Oxley about notification mechanisms for trunk commits on DA repository. Work still ongoing
        • FS has been working with Amy Doherty on testing the new JASMIN group workspace for sharing evaluation suite results. Planning to test upload of some results from BoM this week.
  • Sep-2019 checkpoint meeting

TIRS: Rose & Cylc Development

  • Github cylc-admin (TIRS) link
    • BoM report
      • Martin Ryan has been working with Cylc-8 development team on Cylc-8 Graph View.
      • Robust is involved with Cylc-8 developers, has provided "user stories" examples of security cases to be considered in Cylc-8 design.

TING: Next-Generation Modelling Systems

Additional work packages

TIPP: IMPROVER -- NWP probabilistic post-processing and supporting verification

  • MOSRS TIPP link
    • Tom Gale
      • 1-year secondment to Met Office Improver Team, commenced Jul-2019.

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