UKD: Model runs using daily downloaded UKMO's initial conditions



  • The motivation for setting this/ese suite/s is/are to provide comparison with results from APS2 suites
  • This suite was originally set up to run on vayu in early 2013, but was discontinued due to lack of available resources (CPU and disk allocation).
  • Migration for running on raijin was delayed due to other higher priority tasks.


  • Implemented as an SMS suite on raijin
  • First version is ukd_rj1, run from 20140501
    • raijin:~axs599/sms/suites/ukd_rj1
  • Selected model output fields archived through MARS opendap /g/data/dp9/axs599/opendap/uk01
    • export GRB_ROOT=/g/data/dp9/axs599/opendap/ (Note the slash at end, '/')
  • Comparison with Xiao's APS2 job (xbjin - made identical copy to baapq)


  • Adapt current suite to handle UK PS34 EndGame N768 I.C from 16/7/2014 onwards

  • Documentation (this page) under construction
  • Change to use "Normal" queue for all tasks
  • Compare executable build with yix's APS2 trials (xbjin)
    • test run other executables/runjobs
    • Clone & run 2nd, 3rd suite etc.

  • sms/suite script enhancements
  • Disk Usage plan
  • Clean up UKDAILY archive / Dataplan
  • Currently opendap archiving is done using separate job
    • This method is fine for now, but for future, if need arise, can be part of the SMS suite task which can run in parallel with model run.
  • Cylc suite version


  • Implemented based on sms suite which ran on vayu.
    • Adapt to use similar structure to WenMing's sms suites on raijin
  • Use UMUI run job baajb based on Jin Lee's
  • Use UMUI build vn8.2 executable built by Jin Lee
  • Use UKIC from /g/data1/rr4/UKDAILY
    • UKDAILY IC are maintained by azs's cronjob running on cherax.

Run Log

ukd_rj1 2014050100 15th Aug 2014 azs Start cycling OK
ukd_rj1 2014050600 18th Aug 2014 azs Fail due to system error (sms cmd - qsub fail) requeue ok
ukd_rj1 2014053000 20th Aug 2014 azs Model failure - another system error? requeue - appear to be running ok
ukd_rj1 201404/05/06 04th Sep 2014 azs Completed April,May & June results in opendap
ukd_rj1 20140716 11th Sep 2014 azs Change in UKIC to PS34 EndGame from 16th July 2014 Requires changes to current suite

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