List of UKCA configurations at NCI

This page should contain a list of UKCA configurations installed at NCI. Newest versions at the top. Jobs listed are on accessdev.

GA4.0 UKCA StratTrop+Mode at UM vn8.4

GA4.0 UKCA TropChem + Isoprene at UM vn8.2

Installed by Peter Uhe

  • Standard job vaanf (periodic emissions)
  • Standard job vaang (time varying emissions)
    • Note that re-running this job won't produce data that is bit-reproducible with the output on raijin, as the initial conditions have been modified slightly since the original run.

UKCA patches are in branch: fcm:um_dev/pfu599/vn8.2_UKCA_patches

Note that in this configuration, Glomap-MODE has some issues with the output fields on raijin so should not be used. This problem didn't exists in the same configuration on vayu, but is probably not worth fixing on raijin as the updated configuration at vn8.4 is fine.


  • Standard job vaadd (time varying emissions)
  • Standard job vaadf (nudging and time varying emissions)

The main change to UKCA to get it to work with cable in ACCESS1.3 was to the dry deposition scheme. Since cable has different land surface types, the surface resistances for each land type had to be mapped from MOSES land surface tiles to CABLE land surface tiles.

Changes are in fcm:um_dev/uhe005/r4896_ukca_cable

UM vn7.3 + UKCA

  • Standard job vaada (time varying emissions)
  • Standard job vaadb (nudging and time varying emissions)

Output data from UKCA jobs

The end scripts using in UKCA jobs provide some automatic data processing. This involves:

  • producing data in netCDF format at /g/data1/$project/$user/ACCESS/output/$runid
  • archiving pp files to mdss:$user/$runid
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