Details of Managing SVN repositories for ACCESS

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ACCESS SVN Repository Management

This page describes the issues and practices of managing the repositories for OPS+ODB, VAR, UM, SURF, NWP and the cylc scheduler/ROSE repository

Run scripts and utilities will be held under the NWP repository


  1. Met Office release patches for new versions
  2. Apply patch to existing repository, updating svn:trunk/src
  3. Apply local modifications for use on our machines

svn cp trunk/src branches/dev/vnxxx/local_changes/src

  1. users apply further developments

svn cp branches/dev/vnxxx/local_changes/src branches/dev/user/vnxxx/src

  1. Merge these branches back to branches/dev/vnxxx/local_changes/src as needed

(May also accept updates from branches/dev/vnxxx/local_changes/src to user's branch during this process)

  1. Tag repositories. To access these versions

svn cp tags/aps2_vnxxx_nnn
All repositories should have this tag


  • The trunk contains a history of Met Office patches
  • The version that developers branch off is


  • NMOC will use the tagged versions
  • Run scripts will be under

svn:nwp/branches/dev/aps2/scripts/${model} where ${model} is g, r, tc, srep, um, ...

  • Various utilities will be under

svn:nwp/branches/dev/aps2/utils/${util}''[[BR]] where ${util} is mars, verify, um2grb, umdump, odb, .....

  • To use a utility, use: module load
  • To use a library:

check out source code and then
make install to put them under ~access/apps

  • Various other scripts (such as thiose under ${CAWCR_SHARE}/scripts will be under


  • Tables of various utilities (um2grb??) will be under

svn:nwp/branches/dev/aps2/data''[[BR]] Should this be ..../tables?


  • Locations of executables and scripts are defined in the suite's environment file envfile
  • Run scripts: ${NWP_SHARE}/APS2/scripts/${model}
  • Executables: ${NWP_SHARE}/APS2/bin/${model} along with a README file
  • Building executables: OPS, VAR & SURF:

svn co branches/dev/vnxxx/local_changes/src
Run script: build_ops / build_var / build_surf
copy build / bin to ${NWP_SHARE}/APS2/bin/ops (or var , surf )

  • Building executables: UM

UMUI jobs umefa copy bin directory to ${NWP_SHARE}/APS2/bin/um

  • Suite Components on ngamai :

${NWP_SHARE} = ~access/nwpdir/share
OPS : ${NWP_SHARE}/APS2/OPS/components/Ops_OperComps_gl/v3 for OPS30
VAR : ${NWP_SHARE}/APS2/VAR/components/Var_OperComps_gl/v1
UM : ${NWP_SHARE}/APS2/um/components/N512/v1

  • Suite Components on raijin :

OPS / VAR / SURF : configured with rose
UM : ${NWP_SHARE}/APS2/um/components/N512/v1

  • Suite Control Data:
    • OPS / VAR (as from Met Office)
      • ${NWP_SHARE}/APS2/OPS/control
        • Elements, Scatwind_coeffs, Satwind_namelists,Sonde_coeffs, StationLists
      • ${NWP_SHARE}/APS2/Data
        • GroundGPS_biases, RTTOV7_coeffs, SatRad_biases, SatRad_coeffs, GPSRO_coeffs
      • ${NWP_SHARE}/APS2/Other
        • Covariance files
    • UM
      • ${UMDIR}/vn8.2/ctldata


QUESTION: How should external packages for OPS and VAR be handled

  • Under svn, which is updated for each release. This would be referenced from the build OR
  • Kept under ~/access/opdir and vardir and used in the build. This is what we do now

[PJS - My preference would be the first option. More in keeping with ISS software storage]

QUESTION: Should ODB be in its own repository or part of OPS?

  • Will have some post processing routines that will need to access ODB libraries
    • i.e. OPS is not the only software that will use the ODB
  • Otherwise whatever is easiest

QUESTION: What do we do about ${CAWCR_SHARE}/bin?

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