ACCESS Coding Guidelines

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The Met Office style guides are available at:

ACCESS Coding guidelines

  • Do not rely on users having certain settings in ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile .
    • All the necessary environment should be specified in the environmnet file envfile
  • It is preferable to separate build and run suites
    • required for unit testing
    • preferred by operations
  • Simple updating
    • the layout of the software is chosen to enable easy updating of components from the main development branch
  • Python utilities from ACCESS_UTILS
    • The source code in ACCESS_UTILS is maintained within a directory structure
    • However my customary use has been to:

check out the trunk
flatten the trunk structure into a single directory
include large, flat directory into $PYTHONPATH

-- There are a few problems with this.

  • My (Peter Steinle) current thoughts are to

run python scripts via: python ${PYTHON_DIR}/dir/
$PYTHON_DIR should be defined in envfile

-- ${PYTHON_DIR}/dir will be included in $PYTHONPATH automatically

A directory trunk/gen needs to be created and included in $PYTHONPATH

-- This needs to contain files referred to from scripts in many subdirectories (e.g. -- PJS to come up with a partial list for this

  • When loading modules - explicitly include the version number
    • Defaults change, and so to reproducibility requires explicit version numbers
  • Try to keep lines to no more than 80 characters wide.
    • seom remote logins are still limited
  • ENVIRONMENT variables in UPPER case, local variables in lower case
  • Directory names should be lower case in svn and under ~access/nwp
  • (mjn) Scripts and other text files should not contain tabs (as per Met Office style guide recommendation)
  • (mjn) Where possible, scripts and other text files should be limited 80 columns, especially for printing, but also for screen viewing
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