Shutdown Procedures for Accessdev


This wiki page outlines the procedures for shutting down the accessdev machine cleanly in order for a rebuild or a puppet update. Administrators need to belong to the "access.admin" group in order to have the privilages to shutdown various services on this machine.

Broadcasting shutdown message to current user terminals

Users who are currently logged onto accessdev should be notify the machine will be shutdown. This can be done through the wall command. It is recommend this be broadcast 1hr, 30mins, 10min, 1min beforehand.

   wall "Accessdev will be shutdown in 30 mins"

Shutting down the UMUI

   sudo /usr/local/umui/ghui3.0/bin/ghui_haltserver umui

Shutting down Rosie web server

   sudo service rosa stop

Shutting down Apache

   sudo service httpd stop

To be completed

Boot new server

$ ./nova-boot --name --repo --branch origin/master -- --image centos-6-20121101 --flavor 2 --key-name saw562-dev --security-groups ssh,umui,http
| c7007774-5a04-47de-90e6-ad970139208a | | ACTIVE | private=                  |
| c9961288-b12c-40c1-83f6-fe025e7c4e40 | | ACTIVE | private=,  |

Wait for puppet to complete, when it does the console-log will show

$ nova console-log c7007774-5a04-47de-90e6-ad970139208a
Finished catalog run in 233.57 seconds
user-data exit code: 0

CentOS release 6.3 (Final)
Kernel 2.6.32-279.11.1.el6.x86_64 on an x86_64 login: 

Kill old server

nova delete c9961288-b12c-40c1-83f6-fe025e7c4e40

Transfer IPs

$ nova add-floating-ip c7007774-5a04-47de-90e6-ad970139208a
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