Rose on Vayu has been updated to version 20120402, this is now the default. To use a previous version run e.g.

$ module use ~access/rose/modules
$ module load cylc/4.2.1
$ module load rose/20120223


    suite-init has been renamed to suite-run.
    An example Single Column Model suite has been added.
    config-edit now supports clickable references to variables and URLs.
    config-edit now supports local metadata directories within configurations.
    A new command (namelist-dump) has been added which converts a namelist file into an application configuration snippet.
    Custom macros are now supported via config-edit or the command line.
    Complex inter-variable consistency checks (fail-if) can now be defined in the metadata.
    Added beginnings of Rose documentation in rose/doc.
    Lots of minor bug fixes and enhancements.
Last modified 7 years ago Last modified on Oct 10, 2014 2:28:12 PM