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    163163If you have any corrections or comments for ACCESS1.3-SCM-CABLE2.0+, please contact
     165== GA7.0 (vn10.6) ==
     167'''Standard Job'''
     169Job u-ar989 (owned by scottwales) optionally builds and then runs one or more SCM simulations using the GA7 configuration of the UM ([ Walters et al. 2019]). The option to build the model can be selected in Rose under 'suite config' > 'NCI Config'. This window also includes a switch ('PARALLEL_SCM') for running multiple simulations in parallel. In this case you need to put the set of SCM namelists in the directory pointed to by PARALLEL_CONFIG_DIR. The default namelist is for a single simulation of a 10-day period from TOGA-COARE ([ Webster and Lukas 1992]).
     171'''RCE and RCDE Simulations'''
     173Job u-ax544 (owned by raw565) optionally builds and then runs a parallel suite of SCM simulations in radiative-convective equilibrium (RCE) or radiative-convective-dynamical equilibrium (RCDE). The basic set-up of the RCE experiments follows the design of the radiative-convective equilibrium model intercomparison project (RCEMIP; [ Wing et al. 2018]). The RCDE experiments differ only in the inclusion of a time-invariant large-scale vertical velocity profile which acts on the prognostic temperature and humidity fields. By default, the suite includes 18 experiments corresponding to three different fixed SSTs (295, 300, 305 K) and six different values for the maximum large-scale vertical velocity (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 cm/s). Results from these runs are analysed and compared with corresponding cloud-resolving model (CRM) simulations in a paper which is currently under review for JAMES. Please contact for further details.
     175'''Stochastic Multicloud Model'''
     177A version of the Stochastic Multicloud Model (SMCM; [ Kouider et al. 2010]) has been implemented as an alternative closure for the UM convection parameterisation. At each model timestep, the SMCM provides the cloud base area fraction of convective cloud based on two parameters describing the large-scale atmospheric state. This area fraction is used to estimate the cloud base mass flux in the UM deep convection scheme, in place of the standard CAPE closure. The implementation is similar to that detailed in [ Peters et al. (2017)] but with modifications to the transition rate equations and timescales. Results of experiments performed using this configuration will be presented in a future manuscript. Please contact for further details.
     179Job u-aw129 (owned by raw565) optionally builds and then runs one or more SCM simulations which include the SMCM. The default run is for the TWP-ICE experiment ([ May et al. 2008]).