Getting started with Cylc on Vayu

This wiki page gives some step-by-step instructions on getting started with using Cylc on Vayu.

  1. Start with modules
module use ~access/rose/modules
module load cylc

This will load the default version. Note that you don't need to load cylc if you're already using rose; rose module already includes cylc settings.

  1. This is enough to submit a job, however the submitted job won't yet be able to talk to the cylc server on the login node to notify job status since the client isn't in the default path. It's not possible to fix this in the suite.rc file, instead you should add the same module lines above to ~/.profile (cylc by default uses bash).

This will be picked up by every job you submit, meaning the submitted job can talk to the server. You'll see a green light on the control board when jobs finish and child submissions should successfully work.

  1. Initialise the database with
cylc admin import-examples tmp
  1. Try out one of the example suites by running test job as follows

... ( need to put correct instructions in here, including where to go to see what the output should look like ) ... ... ( what can we do about viewing html output files on vayu? ) ...

Test that things are working by copying job saw562/cylc-pbs-test from the central database to your own (Database->Central, select, right click menu Database->Import) starting up the GUI (Database->Private, select, right click menu Control->Dot Control GUI) and running the job (Control->Run Suite... and hit start).

  1. PBS job settings for cylc

To submit a job on Vayu using pbs add to the suite.rc config file:

        [[[job submission]]]

This will make all jobs submit using qsub. To override the default PBS settings, either on a global or per section basis, use


Note that there can only be one entry for each PBS flag (e.g. -l), so use commas to separate these commands.

  1. Cylc documentation is available at the following link:
  1. This documentation has been written by Scott Wales and Michael Naughton. Others are welcome to add to it.
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