Trying our Rose User Guide Brief Tour

This is a summary of the steps needed
to try out rose rug-brief-tour on vayu.
(As described in  )
 (**) similar tour is not yet working on accessdev.

1. get rose conf file

       mkdir .metomi
       cp ~axs599/.metomi/rose.conf  $HOME/.metomi/.
edit /home/599/axs599 in rose.conf to the vale of $HOME
(note: the actual value, such as /home/548/wml548,
 not $HOME; it won't work)
2. create the svn repository for rosie
       svnadmin create $HOME/roses/mysvnrep
  [ ** For now we set up our own individual repository for testing.
       Later on we will set one up that can be shared by everyone.
       This repository can be removed when no longer needed. ** ]
3. Initialise your environment with the following module loads
   and environment variable settings. (For the obvious areas,
   you may tailor it to your own preference). 
       module purge
       module use ~access/rose/modules/
       module load pygtk
       module load gtk
       module load graphviz
       module use /g/data/access/modules
       module load rose/2013-02
       module load cylc/5.1.1
       export SVN_EDITOR=vi
       export GEDITOR=nedit
       export ROSE_HOME=/g/data/access/apps/rose/2013-02/
4. create the rug project
       mkdir -p $HOME/roses
       rosie create
at the prompt, type
Assume that you will see
Create? y/n (default n) y
[INFO] vayu-aa000: created at file:///home/548/wml548/roses/mysvnrep/a/a/0/0/0
[INFO] vayu-aa000: local copy created at /home/548/wml548/roses/vayu-aa000
Note: vayu-aa000 may be different in your case
5. extract the files for rug project
       cd $HOME/roses/vayu-aa000
       rose rug-brief-tour
6. get the fcm_make.cfg in the right place
       mkdir etc
       cp app/fcm_make/file/fcm-make.cfg etc/fcm_make.cfg
7. modify suite.rc
command scripting = "rose task-run -v" 
command scripting = """
                      module use /g/data/access/modules
                      module load fcm
                      rose task-run -v ${CYLC_SUITE_REG_NAME} ${CYLC_TASK_NAME}"""
            host = {{ ROSE_ORIG_HOST }}
            #host = {{ ROSE_ORIG_HOST }}
           host = ""
Add new parts,
[[[job submission]]]
     method = pbs
            -q = normal
            -l = 'ncpus=1,walltime=00:30:00,vmem=2000MB'
8. commit changes to repository
      svn add app
      svn add etc
      svn add src
      svn add suite.rc
      svn commit

9. Pre-Requisite login environment:
   Currently this brief-tour appear to work only if you set
   your default shell (in your vayu .rashrc file) to sh/bash/ksh 
   You also need to add the following in your .profile:

      module use /g/data/access/modules
      module load rose/2013-02
      module load cylc/5.1.1

10. Finally, you should be able to run by
      rose suite-run

[azs/axs599 Fri 19/4/2013] Initial version. Most of the write-up is from Wenming.
                           Please contact Asri [ ] or
                           Wenming Lu ‎[ ]‎ with any problems
                           related to this page.

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