Rosebud is utility for converting UMUI 8.3-9.0 jobs (modified for 8.2 as well) to Rose suites. The latest version of Rosebud can be found in

This is not fully tested for NCI systems as it contains various code for UK systems. Modifications have been made for converting UM 8.2 into Rose suites, though not fully tested.

Running Rosebud

You will need access to repository for checking out the source code and running it.

To try rosebud;

svn checkout
cd umui_jobs/$YOURUMUIJOB/    #$YOURUMUIJOB is the name of the processed UMUI job

This should create a directory ~/umui_jobs/$YOURUMUIJOB/$YOURUMUIJOB-rose

To test the suite

cd ~/umui_jobs/$YOURUMUIJOB/$YOURUMUIJOB-rose
rose suite-run

Manual Editing

Several manual edits may need to be done on your suite. This includes;

  • Default name of the reconfiguration executable needs to be added manually to app/um/rose-app.conf. This should be done in the [env] section.
    RECON_EXEC = qxreconf

Things need to check

Several elements may need to be checked in your rose suite. This includes;

  • Environment in app/um/rose-app.conf pointing to correct ancillary files.
  • Correct module environment in suite.rc
  • Shell scripts bin/um-atmos and bin/um-recon for different versions of the UM
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