Rosebud -- utility for converting UMUI job components to Rose suite

Michael Naughton 20/02/2013

Notes on Rosebud initial tryout on vayu

Following on from Monday's Rose mini-workshop, I've done small bit of work on setting up rosebud to run on vayu. What I've done so far is to check it out from the UM_Admin svn repository, and run it. I had to make couple of small changes to get it to work. I got to the point of executing it on one of Ilia's N48 UM 8.3 test jobs (xbjny) so it runs and creates rose components (xbjny-rose). Next step will be to work on settings required to run the suite in our environment. Here's what I've done and where. It's all just in my directories; another task is to put rosebud into ~access or module rose framework, and also install on accessdev, which is best if soemone else can do other than me.

Step 1: Rosebud source



vayu1 89 % m README
 set echo

# 19-Feb-2013
# -- started on solar
# -- moved to accessdev
#rsync -avz *
#svn checkout
# -- edited
# -- ran on ilia's xbjny vn8.3 N48 EG job

# 20-Feb-2013
# -- moved to vayu
 rsync -avz *


alias rosebud $HOME/rose/test_rosebud/rosebud/

Step 2: UMUI job



 set echo

 source /home/548/mjn548/rose/test_rosebud/env

Output from command

source /home/548/mjn548/rose/test_rosebud/env
alias rosebud /home/548/mjn548/rose/test_rosebud/rosebud/
Unrecognized escape \h passed through at /home/548/mjn548/rose/test_rosebud/rosebud/ line 231.
Reading UMUI job in directory: /home/548/mjn548/rose/test_rosebud/umui_components/xbjny
Writing suite to directory: /home/548/mjn548/rose/test_rosebud/umui_components/xbjny/xbjny-rose
Finished writing suite.

At this point the setting "platform=linux" has been used, as well as hardwiring the "lib" setting in to point to directory where it's sitting. The settings for platform are "ibm" or "linux", which don't cover what we'll need for vayu/accessdev/raijin and solar. This is probably the main change that will be needed for our environment. Initially, I expect best way to proceed is to copy xbjny-rose and play with cylc suites settings to get it working. Then these can be inserted into the rosebud files.

Presumably, rosebud is an interim utility during the switchover period from UMUI to Rose. Once jobs are across in Rose, and for new applications, they will just exist in Rose, the UMUI versions will not be needed any more.

To be continued ...

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