Running Rose and Cylc on BoM machines


This wiki page describes how users can setup Rose on the Bureau's Twister and Ngamai machines. Rose is a group of utilities for managing the development of scientific application suites. It is published by the Met Office. Users must have an accounts on both Twister and Ngamai as well as an NCI account if wanting to access the Rose repositories located on

Setting up your environment

On Twister

Your environment on Twister needs to be configured to allow job submission to the computes nodes as well as accessing the subversion repositories.

Setting up ssh keys

Twister needs to have passwordless ssh connections to the NCI machine (location of rose repositories) and the compute nodes on Ngamai and vice versa. This can be acheived by creating and distributing ssh keys.

If you don't a a ssh key on Twister than create a key by running the following command:

$ ssh-keygen -t rsa 

You will need to distribute the ssh key to and with the following commands.

$ ssh-copy-id
$ ssh-copy-id

If you are not running a ssh agent then you may need to distribute the key to twister as well.

$ ssh-copy-id

Setting up access to the Rose repositories

Create or add the following lines to the file ~/.metomi/rose.conf where NCIUSER is your NCI username. eg ibc599

prefix-owner-default.test=NCIUSER svn+ssh://
prefix-location.test = svn+ssh://

To check to see if you have access to the rose repositories without password prompts run:

$ svn info svn+ssh://

Setting up your environment for job submission

Your enviroment on Twister needs to be configured so that rose and cylc are available. To do this, load the rose and cylc modules in your ~/.bashrc file or simliar file.

module use /cw/keep/cawcr_share/access/modules
module load rose
module load cylc

On Ngamai

Setting up ssh keys

If you don't a a ssh key on Ngamai than create a key by running the following command:

$ ssh-keygen -t rsa 

The public key on ngamai needs to be sent to twister. So on ngamai run the following command.

$ ssh-copy-id

Setting up your environment

Your environment on Ngamai also needs to be configured to ensure rose is loaded when jobs are submitted. On Ngamai you should add the rose module into your ~/.bashrc file or similar file.

module use ~access/modules
module load rose

Testing your setup

You can check your setup is correct by running a test suite.

rosie checkout test-aa001
rose suite-run -C ~/roses/test-aa001

Upgrades of Rose and Cylc

Periodically Rose and Cylc will be updated on Ngamai and Twister. To use the latest software versions on twister, current running suites will need to be stopped and restarted from the command prompt. If modules have been loaded via .bashrc or .bash_profile you will need to unload and reload the modules. Eg.

module unload rose
module unload cylc
module use ~access/modules
module load rose
module cylc
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