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Using prebuilds with rose suites

Creating prebuilds

See also section 11 of UMDP X4,

X4 recommends setting the prebuild to use the source code directly from the repository rather than from a working copy.

Recommended command is something like

 rose stem -S PREBUILDS=false --group=fcm_make --source=fcm:um.xm_tr@vn10.4 --name=vn10.4_prebuilds --config=/home/599/mrd599/um_vn10.4/rose-stem

At the moment we don't have an fcm-make group in our rose-stem configuration so run the complete group=nci and just hold all the model reconfig and run tasks.

To get the prebuilds in /g/data/access/prebuilds it's necessary to modify the fcm_make tasks in rose-stem/site/nci/runtime.rc and also the fcm_make_um app. E.g. in runtime.rc, define a new variable in each task

	    NCI_PREBUILD_DIR={{PREBUILD_NCI_ROOT_DIR }}/fcm_make_nci_um_high_omp 

            NCI_PREBUILD_DIR={{PREBUILD_NCI_ROOT_DIR }}/fcm_make_nci_um_high_omp 

Because we're running with PREBUILDS=false, the PREBUILD variable isn't defined so can't use that.

In app/fcm_make_um/rose_app.conf add


bfeore the [env] section.

The resulting fcm-make.cfg file has

extract.location{diff}[um] = fcm:um.xm_tr@vn10.4

rather than the specific directory a normal rose-stem build would have

extract.location{diff}[um] = /home/599/mrd599/vn10.4_prebuilds