Reporting problems and asking for help

To report a problem or ask for help with any aspect of the ACCESS modelling system at NCI, please use access_help at This help system is monitored by people from NCI, the ARCCSS CMS team and the CAWCR Model Systems teams.

For connection problems, GettingConnected covers the principal connection aspects required for ACCESS modelling.

If you are reporting a problem with a model run please include a reference to the location of the run output files in your message.

Note that many of the people on the help list won't be in the same project as you. For Bureau and CSIRO projects, read permissions have been set to allow members of the access group to read /short/$PROJECT areas; but for other organisations projects the help list staff may not be able to see files in your standard directories

  • /short/$PROJECT/$USER
  • $HOME/um_output

Unless you're sure that the file is readable by the access group, please create a directory in /short/public and copy it there (and chmod -R a+rx on this directory). Doing this will save time and expand the group of people who may be able to help you.

For Rose/Cylc related problems/issues, please check the Rose and Cylc FAQ to see whether the problem has been reported previously.

Useful help emails for Bureau staff

At Bureau
  ACCESS issues - 
  Modules - 
  Flurry - 
  Ngamai - 
  Twister -        put "Twister:" in the subject
  SAM/Disk Storage - 
  MDT PCs - 
  Networking -     put "Networking:" in the subject

  Bureau staff - 
  ACCESS issues -
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