Rainfields3 data archive on Gadi

Rainfields3 Archive

Gary used to collect and archive Rainfields3 data on NCI to be used for things such as verification. I (Shaun) have taken this over. There are currently rainfields3 data sitting on disk at NCI from 2016 through to (approximately) present.

  • I update these data once per month, usually at the start of the month.​
  • These data are located here on Gadi:​ /g/data/dp9/slc548/Rainfields3_Data​
  • Currently 1.1Tb on my /data allocation!​

Data retention policy:

  • Retain the last ~12 months on disk​
  • Move all older data onto MDSS​
    • Location: slc548/Rainfields3_Data on MDSS.​
    • Older data removed from the dp9 data disk.

Scripts to process the Rainfields3 data

Copy of Gary's wiki from Logan describing his scripts to process the rainfields data.

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