UM8.2 PS30 global jobs

Excerpt from message from Douglas 18/7/2012

From: Boyd, Douglas douglas.boyd@…
Sent: Wednesday, 18 July 2012 3:40 AM
To: Michael Naughton; Greed, Glenn
Cc: Cresswell, Paul
Subject: RE: Model convergence: UMUI jobs for vn 8.2 [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Hi Mike,

to get you started, please find the UM8.2 PS30 (preliminary) Global package (build & run job, handedits, spectral and branch) in the tarball attached. I'll post the formal PS30 files on the wiki once they've gone live in September.

Model configuration owners are currently Paul Earnshaw / Malcolm Brooks (Global), Mike Bush (NAE), Mark Weeks (UK4) and Jorge Bornemann (UKV). Much of the activity of individual model owners is to pull through research development into the operational configurations. They run trials with PS candidate configurations, pass the chosen config to operations and monitor the PS. The science used in a parallel suite is not necessarily reliant on the latest model version. The latest version may simply bring technical benefits such as reduced runtime. Fundamental science development is conducted by a large number of other scientists.

There's a distinction to be made here between what needs to be up-to-date for collaboration and what doesn't. For joint development, we need to be working with the same software versions and the configurations to enable trialling. For operational model configurations, it's good to be up-to-date but it's not essential. Operational services are up to individual organisations to manage.

Until we have shared job configuration, I think it's better to provide jobs to you and any other partners on a one-to-one ad-hoc basis and I'll keep a record of what I send out. I don't want to encourage users to pick up configs that have not been tested as fully as possible. To avoid potential problems, you must make sure that configurations are updated to the formally-released PS configuration as soon as it's made available.


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