OPS26.1 Build Procedure

From Zhihong 9/10/13:

How to build OPS26.1:

  1. svn check out OPS source code from the svn repository.

cd your_working_directory

svn co svn://ngamai04/access/svnrep/ops/branches/NMOC/ops26.1/src

svn check out the following files and directories to your working directory:

/code, /config, /scripts are OPS source code.
/odb is ODB code. BOM builds ODB outside the OPS build process.

Other files are for setting up environment and building OPS.

  1. OPS build: 1) export OPS_ENV in your .login file.
    For ksh is your login shell,
    export OPS_ENV=~access/opsdir/OPS_ENV_OPS26 in your .profile.

    ~access/opsdir/OPS_ENV_OPS26 loads module

    2) /config/Dev/linux-ifort-opt.cfg.
    Changing compiler, flags and path in linux-ifort-opt.cfg, but normally you don’t need to change linux-ifort-opt.cfg.

3) Changing /config/Dev/core.cfg.
The function of core.cfg is finding source code when building OPS. Again normally you don't need to change core.cfg.

4) build_ops is the main script for building ops.

      a. Setting up the environment
      b. fcm extract
         Extract OPS code.[[br]]
         The output from “fcm extract” goes to it.ext
      c. odb_env_ui_5_1101.ksh
      	 Setting up the environment for ODB_VERSION, MASTERODB and MYODB and setting up ODB.
      d. setupodb_243_5_1101.ksh
         call odbcomp and all_CY32_v6.sql
         call /src/scripts/MakeOps.26.v1
         create fcm_env.ksh

         The output from “odb_env_ui_5_1101.ksh” goes to setup.out.

      e. Fcm build
         “build” directory is created and has the built OPS.
         “build” directory is under your working directory.
         The main OPS executable file is /build/bin/OpsProg_ExtractAndProcess.exe.
         The output from “fcm build” goes to build.out.
  1. Run build_ops in your working directory to build OPS.


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