NCI Group Membership @ Firewalls

All users of ACCESS at NCI need to be added to the access file group in order to see shared files. New users should request membership by emailing access_help@…. If the user's institution doesn't have blanket firewall access (e.g. Monash Users) they will also need to send NCI a static IP address for their workstation in order for a firewall port to be opened to accesscollab and access-svn.

User instructions for setting up passwordless ssh & umui on accesscollab are available on the CMS wiki at

SVN Permissions

To add a new user to access, click on the access link in the 'Subversion Groups' table, on the right a box labelled 'Add Group Member to access' will appear. Select the user's NCI id from the dropdown and click add.

If you wish to enable access control for a specific path use the 'Add Path' box to specify the path from the root of the subversion repo (e.g. /branches/dev/saw562). You can then change permissions either by group or just for individual users. Note '*' matches anyone, even unauthenticated users, so its access privileges should always be explicitly disabled. It is also possible to create new groups if a few people are working on the same branch.

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