CAWCR-BoM ACCESS NWP Ngamai Migration Working Group

CAWCR-BoM ACCESS-NWP Ngamai Porting Working Group Meeting Notes

Meeting 14: Wednesday 13th November 2013, 10E Meeting Room
Present: Ed Habjan, Jim Fraser, Chris Tingwell, Asri Sulaiman, Joan Fernon, Ilia Bermous, Yi Xiao, Michael Naughton, Rob Jukic
Apologies: Joerg Henrichs, Wenming Lu, Robin Bowen, Martin Dix, Zhihong Li


  • Items from previous meeting notes
  • AOB


  • AG-1 now archiving to MARS from ngamai.
  • AR-1 pi files not being kept.
    • May send pi files to raijin for SREP, or produce pi files required by SREP on the fly?


  • AG-1 Went operational on ngamai yesterday.
    • First operational system on ngamai.
    • Running in new NMOC SMS scheduler.
    • Relatively smooth changeover.
    • AG-1 suite on solar changed to "test".
  • More output products being switched on today.
  • Run times still good after all postprocessing task turned on.
  • Gary's diagnostic - work in progress, mjn following up; aim to run for all systems.


  • Hourly archive to MARS for first 24 hours, then 3-hourly for multi-level fields.
    • All surface fields are archived hourly.
  • Data extraction task now done on ngamai - executing in real-time.
  • SST generation also using real-time input.
  • Downstream output products still to be done.
    • Since it uses similar scripts to ACCESS-G, no problems expected.
  • Plan to make AR-1 operational on ngamai in 1 week's time.
  • Development AR1
    • work in progress - ciwt now running, but not routinely yet.


  • Now running in real-time
  • Verification of surface fields to be done (Xiaoxi); ditto for Rainval.
  • Some data from not AR-1 runs not ingested to MARS due to problems. Data kept on disk, to run ingestion manually when time permits.
    • Due to disk problems releated to NFS issues making I/O performance very bad.
    • Oracle investigating the problem.
  • MARS client on solar not working - to catch up using Ngamai.
  • ADN also being archived into MARS.


  • Joan has made considerable progress in getting ATC-1 ready to run on ngamai.
    • Requires final check of all scripts and components.
    • Aim to get it running first and leave "Big-Domain" ancillary reconfiguration upgrade to later.
  • May need more than 2 weeks -- ATC is not critical to solar switch-off.

New SMS Server (VMWare)

  • Successfully commissioned. Currently in use to control ngamai operational sms suites.
  • Twister is still the operational-development server with similar s/w to nmoc-sms
    • Contact Milton if CACWR wants the latest NMOC sms setup

Migration of Access Applications (UIs, SVN, TRAC, DOCS )

  • Continue regular reminder to users re their migration.

  • Work getting UMUI jobs on ngamai to work is being done as required.
    • UM versions being addressed include vn7.5, vn7.8, vn7.9, vn8.2 and vn8.4.
    • potentially, each version may need a build job and a run job for both ngamai and raijin, totalling 20 different jobs (4x5).
    • Not all have been done. Development work will be done based on user needs.
  • Research porting being supported, but need to temper user expectations to limitations of IT resources.
  • Change of group name "access" to "access.admin" on ngamai to make it the same as at NCI.
    • No problem expected as gid (group-id) will remain the same.
    • Need to coordinate when to do it.
  • Work to get Rose and Cylc available on ngamai being done by Robin and Wenming.

CAP Program

  • Work in progress. Wenming following up with Martin.


  • Identify staff to work on Raijin version.
    • mjn to follow up

Solar Shut down

  • Target date of shutdown is 30th November. James Mandilas managing.
  • Some nodes have been shut down.

NWP build documentation


  • Porting of AGREPS development ensemble suite to ngamai.
    • work-in-progress (azs,mjn,David Smith).
    • Global Forecast suite now running on ngamai and raijin.
    • Global Pertubation suite having problem with ops steps. Xiao helping.
    • Will add documentation of AGREPS executables to "Build Documentation" page (azs).
  • Porting of APS2 to ngamai.
    • work-in-progress (Xiao).
    • APS-2 already runs on raijin although it is behind real time.

  • Research APS-1 on ngamai.
    • Running of full suite is not required.
    • Only run component as needed. Capability for this is already available.
  • Joan away on leave in December.
  • Asri will be away 16th Dec - 13th Jan.

Next Meeting

* * * 11am Wed 27th November 2013, 10E Meeting Room * * *


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[mjn,Mon 25/11/2013] Miinor changes.

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