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     4<h1  style="text-align: center; color: green"> CAWCR-BoM ACCESS NWP Ngamai Migration Working Group</h1>
     8== CAWCR-BoM ACCESS-NWP Ngamai Porting Working Group Meeting Notes ==
     9'''Meeting 5:''' Wednesday 7th August 2013, 9E Meeting Room[[BR]]
     13== Update: Ilia's email comments on meeting notes ==
     17From: Michael Naughton[[BR]]
     18Sent: Tuesday, 13 August 2013 10:08 AM[[BR]]
     19To: Ilia Bermous; Asri Sulaiman; Robin Bowen; Yi Xiao; Martin Dix; Tim Pugh; Tan Le; Chris Tingwell; Wenming Lu; Jim Fraser; Joan Fernon; Zhihong Li[[BR]]
     20Cc: Ivor Blockley; Scott Wales; Joerg Henrichs ORACLE[[BR]]
     21Subject: RE: CAWCR ACCESS-NWP Porting to ngamai -- Next meeting -- 11am Wed 14th August, 9E Meeting Room [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED][[BR]]
     25I've added your comments to the wiki.  Here are some responses to your points.  Can discuss further in tomorrow's meeting.
     271.  I agree with your comment; will look to split this out when the documented builds are ready.  At the moment I think the info is there under Item 17.
     292.  To my mind, v11 & v12 are easier to relate to as generic shorthands, with more specific details at more detailed level.
     313.  Yes, I missed including query re requesting assistance from Joerg in the notes, but Robin is following up this question.
     334.  OK, but names are already given in right-hand column.
     355.  OK, can you please put into wiki page, e.g. NewSun_005_UMUI7.5_BuildingProcedure and we can add link.
     41From: Ilia Bermous[[BR]]
     42Sent: Tuesday, 13 August 2013 8:17 AM[[BR]]
     46I have just looked at the restructured site and here are my comments/recommendations/changes:
     481. I think some key information such as for example details on the building procedure for our major operational models such as UM and VAR should have an easy explicit access. Unfortunately with the provided new form it is not easy to find the related description.
     502. The used short acronyms such as v11 and v12 are not readable and from my point of view are not quite right. For example, on our system we have a number of Intel11.X compilers installed, so each version especially with the related OpenMPI version should be provided in the explicit form. So these short forms should be replaced with the explicit forms such as Intel11.0.083 & mpi/sun-8.2.1 for v11 and Intel12.1.8.273 & openmpi/1.6.5 for v12.
     523. A quite important point was missed under item 6 ( as per your suggestion to ask Oracle and particularly Joerg to provide some help for the related task.
     544. In item 17 of the above mentioned site I think it is better to indicate the name of the person who actually did a specific work.
     565. I think it would be worthwhile to include my description about UMUI7.5 building procedure sent in my message on August, 8.