CAWCR-BoM ACCESS NWP Ngamai Migration Working Group

Next Meeting (14th)

  • 11am Wednesday 27th November , 10 East Meeting room

Meeting Notes

Task List and Issues table



  • This project covers migration of ACCESS-CAWCR-BoM (ESM) NWP systems from solar to ngamai, including reporting, documentation and resource planning.


  • CAWCR: Michael Naughton, Asri Sulaiman, Robin Bowen, Ilia Bermous, Yi Xiao, Wenming Lu, Zhihong Li, Tan Le, Tim Pugh, Chris Tingwell, Martin Dix
  • NMOC: Jim Fraser, Joan Fernon, Ivor Blockley

Related Activities/Groups

  • High level ngamai porting planning group
  • NMOC operational porting activity
  • /apps system team
  • nci/raijin access porting activity
  • Other porting groups ( poama, oceans, bluelink .... ).


  • Contractual deadline for solar switch-off is 1st Nov 2013
  • Overrunning the deadline will have severe cost to BoM.
  • There is need for timely reporting to higher management, especially in relation to resourcing aspects, and risks of meeting time deadlines.
  • The key systems for solar switch off are operational systems; CAWCR research will also be expected to be moved off solar by the same time.

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