Help Desk

The help desk for ACCESS is access_help@…, it is administered by NCI. To request membership email the helpdesk, which will reach NCI. The membership of access_help is the same as the group access.admin plus NCI sysadmins (900 group).

Access notices to users


This email list notifies access group users of changes to access infrastructure at NCI. Note this website is now behind CSIRO firewall ! A Nexus account is required. Only Martin Dix can edit it at this time. Administrators: Martin Dix, Robin Bowen, Tim Pugh, Ashley Sulaiman, Scott Wales. When new user is added to access group they must be added to access_users list. The membership of access_users is the same as the group access minus NCI sysadmins (900 group), foreign users and gmail users. Exclusion list is at raijin:~rmb548/docum/access_users/list_access_exclusion. Robin Bowen checks for new users every couple of weeks, process is documented in raijin:~rmb548/docum/access_users/how_to_do_group_chk.txt .

Trac Admin

The trac websites manages access permissions for their svn repositories. To enable admin privileges for a new admin go to . In the 'Grant Permission' box enter the new admin's NCI id as the subject, TRAC_ADMIN as the action and then click add.

If a user cannot see entries under 'Browse Source' they will also need to be added to the SVN permissions

SVN Permissions

There are two permission groups for the UM svn server, access and admin. General users should be added to access, users under admin have write access to /tags and /trunk. To add a new user to access, click on the access link in Subversion Groups, on the right a box labelled 'Add Group Member to access' will appear. Select the user's NCI id from the dropdown and click add. The same procedure works for the admin group, if a user is in admin it's not necessary to also add them to access.

If you wish to enable access control for a specific path use the 'Add Path' box to specify the path from the root of the subversion repo (e.g. /branches/dev/saw562). You can then change permissions either by group or just for individual users. Note '*' matches anyone, even unauthenticated users, so its access privileges should always be explicitly disabled.

Groups in access group

157 ANU
548 BoM
552 Overseas University
553 Overseas Large Supercomputer Centres
561 UNSW
562 USyd
563 UMelb
565 UMonash
581 UTas
587 University of Technology, Sydney
658 School of Biochemistry and Molecular Chemistry, ANU
659 ANU
900 NCI Sysadmins

Note users do move from one organization to another while retaining the same NCI username so these are indicative only.

Admin note

Project: Lead CI: Naughton M J Title: Access Development Infrastructure Started: 2012-11-01 GroupID: 6247 Div: EXT Cat: f

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