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Moving from Accesscollab to Accessdev

We are trying to make the transition to Accessdev as smooth as possible for researchers. In most cases moving to Accessdev will just be a matter of syncing your home directory, once you've moved to Accessdev you'll be able to use its larger disk allocation as well as be able to try out the Met Office's new Rose configuration system.

Copying your home directory

You can copy everything in your home directory from Accesscollab by running the command (on Accessdev):

rsync -av --backup --backup-dir=$HOME/homebackup $ ~

Any existing files that rsync overwrites will be moved to ~/homebackup.

Accesscollab UMUI jobs

You can view Accesscollab's UMUI catalogue from umuix by clicking on the 'Collab' button at the top left. You can create and edit jobs in either the Accesscollab or Accessdev catalogues (Once Accesscollab is shut down these two catalogues may be unified)

Possible Issues

Files in other someone else's home

If your UMUI jobs rely on files in other people's home directories you have a few options:

  • Ask the other user to copy across their home directory
  • Copy the files to your own home and manually change the paths in the UMUI

Email access_help@… if you need to edit lots of jobs, we can help to automate this

Standard jobs using files from ~access should work, so contact help if there's a problem with these.

When will Accesscollab be shutdown?

We'll be keeping an eye on how much accesscollab is being used to guide us on when it should be shut down, we expect to be able to do this a couple months after Accessdev's public release. Once Accesscollab is shut down its filesystem will be archived so any forgotten files will still be able to be recovered.

How to get help

If you have any trouble moving jobs across to Accessdev please let the help team know so that we can improve the process for you and others. Just send an email to access_help@…

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