ROSE: wiki page on access_collab; latest info from Met Office on ROSE experiments database

From: Michael Naughton
Sent: Thursday, 15 March 2012 12:10 PM
To: Michael Naughton; Robin Bowen; Tim Pugh; Ilia Bermous; Joerg Henrichs ORACLE; Asri Sulaiman; Mike Rezny; 'Scott Wales'; Martin Dix; Kamal Puri; Wenming Lu; Yi Xiao; Zhihong Li; Gary Dietachmayer; Peter Steinle; Jin Lee; Imtiaz Dharssi
Subject: ROSE: wiki page on access_collab; latest info from Met Office on ROSE experiments database

Hi access rose colleagues,

Bit of an update on rose ...

  1. I've created (this morning) access rose project wiki page on the access_collab trac wiki as a common place where we can place information, links etc on our access rose work:
  1. We've progressed work on rose a bit further since our skype hook-up with Dave Matthews and discussions during Douglas and George's visit
  • Scott has installed rose on vayu
  • Asri/Wenming/Hai_Doan have installed it on solar
  • rose has been included in planning for NecTAR ACCESS Climate and Weather Virtual Laboratory project
  1. We've exchanged a few emails with Dave Matthews on the plans for rose experiments database. Dave sent us document yesterday with Met Office plans for experiments database. Asri and I replied with comments and received response from Dave on our points. These are in the attached emails, since the points we've discussed discussion may be of interest to some of you too. Dave's pdf file is pre-release version, so it's only for info: the released version will be available on the um collab_wiki soon.

Note that the access rose wiki is put there for everyone to add to, not just send things to me and expect me to put them there. Please follow the style there unless there's good reason otherwise. I've chosen to use FirstnameLastname identifiers for people rather than their userid's, since these might be easier to follow; noting that this is the form the Met Office have adopted on the um collab_wiki.

Comments welcome, as always.

Cheers, Mike

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