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By early 2020 it was becoming clear that UKMO was going to move to JEDI for their Next-Generation DA project.


Software stack for running JEDI applications

JEDI applications depend on a large number of software packages. The group of packages needed to run various JEDI applications is referred to as jedi-stack. The scripts used to build the packages are host in one of the JCSDA github repositories,

The initial build and installation of jedi-stack on Gadi is documented in jedi-stack github issue #93. Some of the the decisions made at the time of the initial build/installation were provisional and there is an ample room for improvement. I list below some of these decisions which are not documented in the github issue.

Running JEDI subsystems

First obtain a github account. However, this will not allow you to access all the private repositories.

JEDI Academy temporary account.

Set up your environment by starting jedi-stack,

module use
module loads

You might like to put the commands above in your start-up script. Note that jedi-stack has its own set of Python packages (exclusively Python3).

Try building and running ufo-bundle (In JEDI a group of packages is referred to as a bundle)