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    3434  * The netcdf4 build may not be correct: see [wiki:JEDIAtNCI/NetCDF4BuildProblem here] for details.
     36  * The latest jedi-stack is version 0.3 (as of late June, 20200. This includes updates of ecbuild and eckit (it also removes python2 support from build_pyjedi). We should try to update jedi-stack on Gadi to prevent anything breaking.
     38  * Current Gadi jedi-stack which is older than v0.3 does not include ODC. ODC is needed by IODA so we should try to build/install ODC.
     40  * LaTeX or Tex Live should be installed properly so that we can build all the documents used in JEDI
     42  * We should have the JEDI container available on Gadi
     43    * Code in the JEDI project changes so quickly that we are not able to update its software stack (jedi-stack) on Gadi fast enough to prevent components of JEDI breaking. I surmise that updating a container is easier than updatinging jedi-stack so a container environment which is always available on Gadi would give reliable environment that is always available to the developers. This continued availability of development environment is essential if Bureau is going to take part in NG-OPS or NG-DA.
     44    * For individual developers a Linux desktop would be an ideal environment but this is not feasible for people in the Bureau
     45    * Once a container is built an update to the container should be relatively straightforward (?)
    3647== Running JEDI subsystems and applications