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    1111* Make sure your user environment on Gadi is set up properly to run JEDI applications. Go back and follow the instructions under the heading, "Running JEDI subsystems and applications" on the JEDIAtNCI wiki if you haven't done so already.
    1212* Read the lecture presentation slides for each day before starting on interactive activities. You will most likely go back and forth between the lecture slides and the interactive exercises. Don't feel discouraged if you don't understand the lecture slides fully. Understanding will come slowly over time as you learn more about various aspects of JEDI and the C++ language.
     13* Here's our mini academy timetable which follows very closely the one used at Monterey,
     15  || Monterey Academy Presentation Slides || Monterey Academy Interactive Activities || Mini Academy Interactive Activities ||
     16  || || || ||
     17  || Monday, Feb 24 || Monday A: Getting Started with AWS, Singularity, and JEDI [[BR]][[BR]] Monday B: Running an Application, Git Flow, and !ZenHub || Interactive activity 1A [[BR]][[BR]] Interactive activity 1B ||
     18  || Tuesday, Feb 25 || Tuesday A: Adding new observations to be assimilated [[BR]][[BR]] Tuesday - Session B || Interactive activity 2A [[BR]][[BR]] Interactive activity 2B ||
     19  || Wednesday, Feb 26 || Wednesday A: FGAT and 4D-Var [[BR]][[BR]] Wednesday B: Keep Going! || Interactive activity 3A [[BR]][[BR]] Interactive activity 3B ||
     20  || Thursday, Feb 27 || Thursday A: Adding a filter test to JEDI [[BR]][[BR]] Thursday B: wrap-up || Interactive activity 4A [[BR]][[BR]] Interactive activity 4B ||
    1422== How the online training will run ==