Notes about making intermediate changes to Accessdev

Here are some notes I made when attempting to make changes to accessdev. This is not a guide and should be used in conjunction with the NCI document "!ACCESSdev operation". Changes should be tested on before being applied to

To shutdown for a rebuild

1) Remove the floating ip by:

$ nova remove-floating-ip

2) Keep running nova list until you see the floating ip address disappear from accessdev-test

3) Once the floating ip address disappears, delete the instance by:

$ nova delete

Merging branches for intermediate changes

You will need to create a personal branch abc123/accessdev-test rather than "accessdev-test" as stated in section 4.2 of ACCESSdev operations. Replace "abc123" with your user id.

$ git branch abc123/accessdev-test
$ git checkout abc123/accessdev-test
$ git push -u origin abc123/accessdev-test

Create a branch that tracks the remote branch you are interested in. For example a branch that tracks scott's motd branch.

$ git checkout -b abc123/test origin/saw562/motd

If everything is ok, you can merge the branch that tracks "origin/saw562/motd" by

$ git checkout abc123/accessdev-test
$ git merge abc123/test

The branch abc123/accessdev-test should now include changes from Scott's branch saw562/motd.

You need to push the changes back to server before you can boot accessdev-test.

$ git push

You should be able to boot with your branch abc123/accessdev-test. (Make sure you replace both references to abc123 with your user id.) It will take about 10-12 minutes to fully boot.

tools/nova-boot --name --ip --repo
  --branch abc123/accessdev-test -- --image centos -6-20121101 --flavor 2 --key-name abc123 --security-groups ssh,ping

You can see how the booting is going by running

nova console-log

Unfortunately, I couldn't go any further than this step. won't boot correctly at this stage. The node will boot if I don't specify an ip address, allowing some limited testing.

I haven't tried merging my branch ibc599/accessdev-test onto the main trunk due to the problems with booting accessdev-test.

There are further steps in "AccessDev Operation" regarding how to delete branches once finished.

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