GA6.0 testcases

Note that this page describes development work rather than a finished test case.

GA6.0 is the current Met Office global atmospheric model configuration and is the atmospheric component of the GC2 climate configuration. Note that this uses the ENDGAME dynamics and the grid is shifted relative to the standard New Dynamics. Old ancillary files won't work.

The configuration here is based on the vn8.5 code with Met Office GA6.0 patches for both the UM and JULES. contains changes for the NCI environment.

We have both N96 and N216 versions of this configuration. The original Met Office basis files are vaama (N96 - Met Office antic) and vaamb (N216 - Met Office antid) in the UMUI on accessdev (n.b. not accesscollab).

vaamc is a build and run job (N96). Note that it uses the 360 day calendar. The N216 run job us vaamd, using the same executable as vaamc.

Ancillary files are in raijin:~access/data/ancil/GA6_N96 and GA6_N216.

There's an experimental rose job based on this, au-aa027



Here the years/day estimate assumes continuous running. These are averages from several years in each case.

Cores Walltime/month (s) Years/day SU/year
128 2950 2.4 1260
256 1810 4.0 1545
384 1445 5.0 1850
480 1300 5.5 2080


Only a single month in each case at the moment

Cores Walltime/month (s) Years/day SU/year
256 10777 0.67 9160
384 8884 0.81 11370
512 7277 0.99 12420
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