ACCESS-G2 input (start) files located on Bureau of Meteorology filesystems

All pre-operational and operational ACCESS-G2 start files are archived in bureau databases and, if you want to run for any date, the best option might be to push the required start files from within the bureau to Raijin. (It's not possible to pull the files from NCI.)

Dates: prior to June 2015, R&D ran an extended trial of the ACCESS-G2 system (it began early in 2014). Start files are available from that via sam. BNOC began their pre-operational trial of ACCESS-G2 in June 2015 and so their ACCESS-G2 start files are available from June 2015 onwards, various locations as below.


sam:/sammrme/gen/yix/glb/samtl/00pl/dump/ R&D trial - iau-start-dump files
sam:/sammrme/gen/yix/glb/samtl/00pl/smc/ R&D trial - an_smc files
sam:/sammrme/gen/yix/glb/samtl/00pl/an/ R&D trial - analysis-increments files
/g/ns/lustre/users/bnoc/rto/access_g/saneg/2015_TEST/ June 2015 onwards (this is when the BNOC ACCESS-G2 pre-op system started)
/g/ns/lustre/users/bnoc/rto/access_g/saneg/2016_TEST/ until March 15 2016
/g/ns/lustre/users/bnoc/rto/access_g/saneg/2016/ March 16 until June 29 2016 (G2 operational)
sam:/samaccess_prod/ACCESS_prod/access_g/ June 30 onwards (G2 operational on Australis => new location)

To access the /g/ns/lustre filesystem you'll need access to a bureau server on which /g/ns/lustre is mounted.

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