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Cylc Administration

New Versions

New versions of Cylc are released through githib at, there is also a mailing list where release announcements are made.

Prior to version 5 Cylc contained a built-in versioning system to say which version a config file should be run with, after version 5 new cylc versions are backwards compatible with post version 5 config files.

/g/data Installation

The installation on Vayu includes several cylc versions, under /g/data/access/apps/cylc.

  • cylc-git: Follows the master branch of Cylc on github, includes developmental changes and should not be used for production runs. To update run git pull from the cylc-git directory.
  • cylc-$VERSION: Release versions of cylc. To install a new version run git clone cylc-git cylc-$VERSION; cd cylc-$VERSION; git checkout $VERSION from /g/data/access/apps/cylc. Cloning from the local repository means that git will use symlinks where possible; the cylc git repository is slow to download.

Cylc is versioned using modules, which also take care of dependancies including python, pyro and graphviz. The modules are stored in /g/data/access/modules/cylc. To install a new module make a copy of the most recent existing module file, then update the variables inside it with the installer contact and install date. The prefix variable should point to the cylc install path for that version.

To change the default version loaded when running module load cylc edit the hidden .version file in the module directory. To see what loading the module will do run module show cylc.

The Cylc installations on Vayu/Raijin do not include cylc's graphical interfaces as these depend on GTK. Instead these interfaces should be accessed through accessdev.

Accessdev Installation

The installation on accessdev is done through puppet by checking out a tagged version from github.

Bug Reporting

Cylc has an issue tracker at, any bugs or feature requests should be reported there. Local modifications of Cylc should be avoided, instead try to get them integrated into the main repository.

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