This Page will describe the use of the CMIP5 QC L2 software on raijin.

QC software is located at /g/data1/p66/QC

Steps for new user to run QC L2:

cd /g/data1/p66/QC/QCWrapper
cp -r pfu599 <user>
vi  <user>/conf/qc_ACCESS_template.conf
# Modify variables:

Run these (via qsub) in order for each experiment: Set $model and $exp

  1. (runs the QC tool on this experiment
  2. (sends QC results to central database at DKRZ)
  3. (generates cim files and summary statistics about QC results)
  4. (finalizes QCL2). For this you will need to analyse the qc log output and the QCL2_statistics file. A comment explaining each of the error and warning messages should be included.

Comments on QC errors are documented at CMIP5 QC Errors

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