From ngamai: ~azs/agreps/readme_azs_bld2462

[ azs, Fri 6 - Wed 11/12/2013 ] Building EnsProg_ETKF.exe on ngamai
                                 [  ***  also as bonus, get EnsProg_TrimObstore.exe *** ]

1. start with a saved copy of ilia's solar:/g/sc/data1/iliab/mjn_etkf circa 15th Feb 2013.

2. cp ilia's ..../mjn_etkf/build/ to ngamai: ~azs/agreps/bld2462

3. cd  ~azs/agreps/bld2462/

4. Initialise programming environment such:
      module del openmpi intel
      module add  intel/
      module load openmpi/1.6.5
      module list
      export PATH=/g/sc/ophome/access/apps/fcm/1.5/bin:$PATH
      export PERL5LIB=/apps/perl/.5.14.4/_packages/20130813/lib/site_perl/5.14.4

5. Clean up previous build by executing:
     fcm build -clean

    NOTE:  Ignore this warning
	WARNING: /g/sc/fs1/home/azs/agreps/bld2462/cfg/bld.cfg: LINE 43:
         	%revision::gcom::base: variable not expanded

   For clarity, clean up /g/sc/fs1/home/azs/agreps/bld2462/cfg/
    removing all except one file: bld.cfg

6. Update compile option in /g/sc/fs1/home/azs/agreps/bld2462/cfg/bld.cfg
   replacing "-Xhost" with "-xavx" (Line 36)

   *** Directory  /g/sc/fs1/home/azs/agreps/bld2462 copied to 
       then, tarred and gzipped into  /g/sc/fs1/home/azs/agreps/bld2462-00.tar.gz
       Future builds can start from that.
       Further optimisation of compile-options may be desirable.

7. Execute fcm build

[ azs, 11/12/13 ]

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