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This wiki is about managing resources for BoM dp9 project on NCI platforms, including computing units and disk space.

These procedures are managed by the dp9 resource manager. Currently, Wenming Lu is sitting at this role.

dp9 in General

dp9 is a resource project on NCI platforms for BOM NWP research and development work.

dp9 has been allocated storage space on /scratch, /g/data, and mdss (tape drive), as well as computing resources.


  • The computing resource allocated to dp9 sits at 18MSU, which is subject to updates each quarter and during a quarter.
  • /g/scratch/dp9 on gadi has large amount of disk (1200T) and inodes space, but it has limited lifetime, with a 3 months data deletion policy.
  • /g/data/dp9 has total disk space of 220T and 45 Million inodes; /g/data/dp9 is accessible from accessdev as well as gadi.
  • dp9 has on mdss tape drive total of 1700T and 82.1 Million inodes.
  • Particular ACCESS NWP projects also make use of specific project storage, such as the RDS national research archive for nationally significant ACCESS NWP development and operational systems. These resources are not covered in this document.


  • As of 23 Sept 2020, there are total of 44 users in dp9, of which 29 are core members.
  • By Default, members from teams Atmospheric Modelling, Data Assimilation and Model Systems join dp9 as core member.
  • By default, all other BOM users, external users and former ESM team members are guest users of dp9 upon joining the project.
  • A Guest user can be promoted to core member when providing evidence of working in NWP projects which requires
    • more than 100k Service Units in a quarter; and/or
    • the disk space allocated to a gust member is not enough to perform such duties (Click for guest member usage allocations).
    • Such user will be relegated to guest user when the duties are complete.

Resource Management Policy


  • Requests to users on disk management tasks should be kept at the minimum level.
  • The management system should be automated, preemptive and proactive.
  • The policy is subject to updates as resources, members and other related issues vary in the project.

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