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     2== Background ==
     4After discussions between Milton, Jin and Vinod, it has been agreed that the naming scheme could be of the format nwp_pytools2/YYYY.MM and nwp_pytools3/YYYY.MM. That is, two different "package names" for python 2 and 3 variants, with each environment identified by installation date (similar to Intel compilers). Users will get the latest environment by loading the package without specifying a version (e.g. module load nwp_pytools2).
     6It was found that for the same yml file, two versions of miniconda produce two different environments. This highlights the risk of depending on third party miniconda installations. Hence it is agreed that Bureau manages its own miniconda versions on Gadi. Wenming has already done this for the {{{conda/nwp_pytools27}}} environment on Raijin, where it used conda 4.4.11 (see section `Base installation`).
     8The environment related locations proposed by Wenming is:
     10conda software: ~access/bom/conda/software
     11conda channel: ~access/bom/conda/channel
     12conda envs: ~access/bom/conda/env
     13conda installations: ~access/apps/miniconda,
     14modules files: ~access/modules/bom_conda_env
     17Later on the decision was taken to name the environment as {{{nwptools_py2}}}.
     19==== nwptools_py2 ====
     21The development and installation of nwp_pytools2 is described in the following links.
     23[wiki:access/BomAccessDocumentation/bom-conda/nwptools_py/nwptools_py2/development nwptools_py2 development]
     25[wiki:access/BomAccessDocumentation/bom-conda/nwptools_py/nwptools_py2/installation nwptools_py2 installation]