This environment is fairly similar to the nwp_pytools27 environment available on Raijin, in terms of the packages. Note that the mule and um_util packages are installed manually from source code, similar to nwp_pytools27.

The nwptools_py2.2019.11 environment have some additional packages installed compared to the nwp_pytools27. Also, some packages versions/tags are different between the two environments. The nwptools_py2 environment is build using conda/4.6.14, different to that used on Raijin to build nwp_pytools27. We couldn't identify which conda version is used to build the Raijin environment (conda 4.5.11??) and hence the failure to reproduce.

The packages which are different are given in the table below:

Package Package name in nwp_pytools27 (Raijin) Package name in nwptools_py2 (Gadi)
_libgcc_mutex Not available _libgcc_mutex=0.1=ma
alabaster Not available alabaster=0.7.12=py_0
babel Not available babel=2.7.0=py_0
esmf esmf=7.1.0r=ha678704_2 esmf=7.0.0=0
esmpy esmpy=7.1.0=py27h24bf2e0_3 esmpy=7.0.0=py27_1
imagesize Not available imagesize=1.1.0=py_0
netcdf-fortran netcdf-fortran=4.4.4=h4363f12_9 netcdf-fortran=4.4.3=0
snowballstemmer Not available snowballstemmer=2.0.0=py_0
windspharm windspharm=1.7.0=py27_1000 windspharm=1.7.0=py27_1001

The list of packages in the environment is given as a yml file here

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