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We propose "nwp-pytools" as the package name. There is a possibility that we could eventually end up with a total of 4 versions. There is a requirement to support both python2 and python3. Also, as a release strategy, it would be easier to manage if there is an unstable version for each of the above packages. The module could be potentially named as:

conda/nwp-pytools27-unstable or conda/nwp-pytools27-dev
conda/nwp-pytools3-unstable or conda/nwp-pytools3-dev

Note 1. It would be worth having a tag for a particular nwp-pytools version, indicating the Met Office "scitools" version it corresponds to. For example, the initial version of "nwp-pytools" seems to be working for suites which use "scitools/production-os-41-1" at the Met Office. Hence, a suggested name would be nwp-pytools27-production-os41-1 or nwp-pytools27-os41-1 (if collective preference is for a shorter name). Note 2. The naming conventionunstable is used by CoE but we may use de* [wiki:access/BomAccessDocumentation/bom-conda/nwp-pytools27 nwp-pytools27 installation notes from Wenming]v instead since each dev release would be reasonably stable and would become the basis for the next 'os' release (?)

Documentation on the installation of each individual environment

nwp-pytools27 development and testing

nwp-pytools27 installation