Initial thoughts

We propose "nwp_pytools" as the package name. There is a possibility that we could eventually end up with a total of 4 versions. There is a requirement to support both python2 and python3. Also, as a release strategy, it would be easier to manage if there is an unstable version for each of the above packages. The module could be potentially named as:

conda/nwp_pytools27_unstable or conda/nwp_pytools27_dev
conda/nwp_pytools3_unstable or conda/nwp_pytools3_dev

Note 1. It would be worth having a tag for a particular nwp_pytools version, indicating the Met Office "scitools" version it corresponds to. For example, the initial version of "nwp_pytools" seems to be working for suites which use "scitools/production-os-41-1" at the Met Office. Hence, a suggested name would be nwp_pytools27_production-os41-1 or nwp_pytools27_os41-1 (if collective preference is for a shorter name).

Note 2. The naming convention 'unstable' is used by CoE but we may use dev instead since each dev release would be reasonably stable and would become the basis for the next 'os' release (?)

Documentation on the installation of each individual environment


It was decided that the python2.7 based conda environment on Raijin will be called nwp_pytools27. This will be the sole BoM managed conda environment available on Raijin. The environment was developed with the following requirements in mind:

  • Can be used in various NWP related suites used here (e.g.: RES, GES, global PS)
  • Contains most of the packages used here in BoM. A package is only omitted if it gives conflict with another essential package which is necessary for suite runs.

The development and installation of nwp_pytools27 is described in the following links.

nwp_pytools27 development

nwp_pytools27 installation

Problems and fixes

  • If you have already loaded conda/python27 then to load conda/nwp_pytools27 you have to unload conda/python27. However unloading conda/python27 seems to leave behind some settings which produce weird side-effect: e.g. gvim behaves in a strange way. The best solution is not to use conda/python27 at all.
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