----------- ON NGAMAI AND RAIJIN -----------

access-svn repositories with mirrors on ngamai

The following repositories are mirrored at BoM (url of NCI original and BoM mirror given below). Most also have associated trac project on ngamai.

    • NCI url: svn+ssh://
    • BoM Mirror svn://ngamai04/access/svnrep/au
    • url of associated trac project at BoM: N/A

  • FURTHER MIRRORS ADDED TO LIST. See section below:

Synchronicity of the ngamai mirrors with the master at NCI are done by 3 cron jobs which run every 10 minutes on ngamai04 under the 'access' userid.

*/10  * * * * /access/svnrep/beans/svnsync_um_rep.csh
*/10  * * * * /access/svnrep/beans/svnsync_ops_rep.csh
*/10  * * * * /access/svnrep/beans/svnsync_au-jules-surf-var.csh

Documentation on how the mirror repositories were set up are documented within the scripts.

  • NOTE that userid axs599 was used in the URL for the AU (ROSE SUITES) repository on accessdev.
    substitute it with your own NCI userid if you want to access the repository using url in that form.

[20th Aug 2015] Additional ngamai mirrors of repositories at access-svn at NCI

  • The following access-svn repositories are now also mirrored on ngamai similar repositories listed in the section above.

    • nwp
    • utils
    • UM_Admin
    • GCOM
    • cap
    • odb

  • Existing cron job /access/svnrep/beans/svnsync_au-jules-surf-var.csh updated to sync the 6 additional mirror repositories.

ngamai mirrors of UKMO Shared Repositories

  • [ Fri 15/5/2015]
  • The following UKMO shared repositories are available using "svn:" protocol from ngamai04
    • um : svn://ngamai04/access/svnrep/umx
    • jules : svn://ngamai04/access/svnrep/julesx
    • gcom : svn://ngamai04/access/svnrep/gcomx
    • roses-u : svn://ngamai04/access/svnrep/roses-ux
    • New MOSRS repositories to be added - see section below

Availability is from within BoM network only.

  • Synchronisation is set for every 10 minutes with master repositories:

raijin mirrors of UKMO Shared repositories

  • Since mirror of UKMO share repository at NCI is made available on accessdev only, rsync is made of ngamai mirror to raijin:~access/bom where it is available to users in "access" group.

  • The following repositories are available through svn "file://" protocol on raijin
    • umx file:///projects/access/bom/umx
    • julesx file:///projects/access/bom/julesx
    • gcomx file:///projects/access/bom/gcomx
    • roses-ux file:///projects/access/bom/roses-ux

Additional MOSRS repository to add to mirrored list

  • verx (ver) already added
  • ops, var etc yet to be added

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