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     1= ACCESS Oversight Committee - Notes from the 30th September 2021
     3== 1. Welcome
     4 *  Welcome to new member Robyn Schofield representing Melb Uni.
     6== 2. ACCESS-NRI
     7a. Update on contracts and position advertisements
     8* ACCESS NRI Funding Agreement with Department is underway
     9* Collaborative Agreement meeting held last week, included review of IP, agreement will be redrafted and sent out next week
     10* ANU DVCR and partners meeting will be held to discuss governance and finalise agreement ready for sign off
     11* Director position will be advertised next week closing 7th November, international applicants welcome – Dale to share link to ad for distribution to potential candidates
     12* 2 associate director position descriptions have been submitted to ANU HR, and will go to review committee for approval soon
     13* 3 ACCESS NRI office positions have been approved and will be advertised by next week – business manager, comms and engagement, and EA, expect appointments to occur in October
     15b. Collation and prioritisation of tasks from ACCESS Discussion Day
     16* Richard C. to share ACCESS Discussion Day documents and ACCESS NRI positions via Google Docs and committee members to provide feedback
     17* Richard C. to organise meeting in a couple of weeks to discuss feedback and ACCESS-NRI priorities. This will feed into development of ACCESS-NRI work plan for next 12 months and map out initial positions/secondments that are needed to achieve priorities. Positions expected to be advertised in November
     19c. Other ACCESS-NRI matters
     20* Noted that UM/LFRic license issues are complex, Ben Evans is exploring this for NCI and the ACCES NRI will capitalise on those efforts
     21* 2021 NRI Roadmap exposure draft due for release early-mid October, partners should influence their institutions response around ACCESS-NRI as may not have time for coordinated response
     22* ACCESS-NRI inaugural conference to be held next year
     24== 3. Round-table - update on activities and issues relating to ACCESS
     25== a. NCI
     26* Discussions with NCAS around UM/LFRic licensing to find out how they do things – important for NCI and ACCESS-NRI
     27* Visualisation work has progressed and is getting to the end point, there will be coordination before the release
     28* No response provided yet on WMO consultation draft on exascale computing, key outcomes are supported, and the innovation approach reflects what is happening for ACCESS NRI and at the Bureau
     30== b. CSIRO
     31*  Now that the CMIP6 runs completed, effort is focussing on extension runs
     32* Trialling high-res ocean configuration of the coupled model, N96 atmosphere + 1/4 degree ocean, once that looks ok will try N216 atmosphere +1/4 degree ocean. Simulation has completed a few decades and assessment of climate indices shows that it looks similar to the CMIP6 model.
     33* COSIMA keen to have a look at the model output and offered to run their standard assessment scripts to check the model performance.
     34* Harun to let Ben know where the model output of the high-resolution coupled climate simulations is to facilitate sharing of data
     35* JULES Science meeting attended by Ian Harman, included discussion of the release of land ancillary suite, publishing the hydro-JULES framework, and timelines for moving to NGMS
     37== c. BoM
     38* Bureau Annual R&D workshop will be the 8-11 November, the program and registration information can be found at
     39* BoM is in the process of recruiting several modelling positions in urban modelling, high latitude Antarctic modelling, ocean modelling, coupled modelling (NWP/Seasonal prediction) and Next Gen Model development, including support for modelling infra-structure.
     40* Met Office held a 2 day international workshop on hindcasts, main driver is to help them decide if they should do NWP hindcasts.
     41* Met Office have released prototype RAL3 configurations, which includes a configuration that unifies the tropics and midlatitudes - includes the new microphysics scheme - Bureau testing underway
     42* Justin Freeman will replace Charmaine on this committee from the next meeting
     44== d. Universities
     45* New postdocs starting to ramp up, plans for a bounce back strategy but won't begin until early 2022
     46* Monash has hired 2 research assistants until the end of the year to look at 400m national ACCESS simulation, call for collaboration
     47* AAPP conducting simulations over the Southern Ocean with detailed chemistry fields being output including ozone and DMS
     49== e. COSIMA
     50* Position open for software engineer
     51* Soon to advertise PhD student top-ups
     53== f. NESP
     54* Another version of research plan has been submitted to DAWE, minor feedback received so 2021 formal approval expected. Written agreement to proceed with projects from 1st July 2021 received.
     55* Co-design workshops to be held in October, further co-design workshops with stakeholders will occur later
     56* Climate Systems Hub indigenous facilitator, Rowena Bullio, has been onboarded as ANU first persons
     58== g. UM Partnership activities
     59* Richard C. will attend the next UM partner board meeting on November 3rd to discuss ACCESS-NRI
     61== 4. Next meetings
     62* Meetings will be held on the last Thursday of the month for October and November, no meeting in December
     63* Next meeting on 28th of October at the usual time (3-4:30pm)
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