ACCESS Oversight Committee

The ACCESS Oversight Committee (“AOC” hereafter) has been formed to provide efficient and effective governance for the national weather, climate and Earth System modelling system, ACCESS. It meets monthly be videoconference.


The AOC recognises the priorities of those individual Agencies who are investing in supporting ACCESS. In this context, it will nonetheless strive to build an ACCESS community and explore opportunities for collaboration.

The core purpose of the AOC is to provide and/or promote:

  • A forum for information sharing about ACCESS development and applications.
  • A forum where issues regarding ACCESS development and use can be raised and where possible, to work collaboratively to identify and effect solutions.
  • Improved coordination regarding ACCESS development and application across the Australian research agencies, programs, and NCI.
  • A forum to foster stronger collaboration across the Australian research community and NCI.
  • Community-wide engagement and information-sharing activities such as Workshops, ACCESS Science days etc.
  • A forum for engaging with key stakeholders within Australia (such as DoEE, State governments, clients) and internationally (especially the UK Met Office and GFDL). Note that this engagement does not replace the formal governance structures that exist – for example the UM Partnership Board.


The committee comprises representatives from the Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO's Climate Science Centre, the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes, the NESP Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub, NCI and COSIMA. Domain experts will be invited as needed. Please contact one of the committee members if you would like anything included on the AOC agenda.

Current members are

  • Jaci Brown and Rachel Law, CSIRO CSC
  • Andy Pitman, UNSW
  • Christian Jakob, Monash
  • Tony Hirst, Beth Ebert, Charmaine Franklin, Peter Steinle, Bureau of Meteorology
  • Ben Evans, NCI
  • Andy Hogg, ANU and Richard Matear, CSIRO (representing COSIMA)
  • David Karoly, NESP Earth System and Climate Change Hub

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