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    1515== 2. ACCESS-NRI
    16 * a. Update (Dale Holland)
     16a. Update (Dale Holland)
    1818* Dale Holland introduced Richard Coleman as proposed Interim Director ACCESS-NRI. RC has been introduced to ANU DVC, which went well. RC will be in Canberra in following weeks for further discussions. On-going identification of space at ANU, preferably at Research School of Earth Sciences.
    2020* DH - Key actions going forward include: Partner contributions; COVID impacts; Level of service and engagement from agreement; sketched out in original transmitted package to Gov, needs to be reaffirmed; any changes identified with partners; Governance arrangements, using transmitted package; IP to be scrutinised by partner legal depts; activity plans and timeframes to be developed.
    22 * b. Next steps for the group (All)
     22b. Next steps for the group (All)
    2424Planning meeting focussed on ACCESS-NRI to be scheduled by DH (subsequently set Thursday 3rd June)
    4343== 6. Round-table update on activities and issues relating to ACCESS (All)
    44 * a. BoM
     44a. BoM
    4546* CF – BARPA has produced 12km national climate projections for RCP4.5 and 8.5, 1980-2060
    4647* CF - new seasonal system almost running in real time, to go operational by September
    4748* CF - APS3 ACCESS Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) Models - Operational Reference Data Collection available at NCI
    49 * b. Universities
     50b. Universities
    5052* AP – growing community around ACCESS-ESM1.5; asked Tilo Ziehn for further documentation to help new users
    5153* AH – planning higher ocean resolution ACCESS-CM2, working on finding a postdoc
    5355* AP – one exists, a lot in paleo, community extends beyond CLEX universities
    55 * c. CSIRO
     57c. CSIRO
    5659* RL – still running both ESM1.5/CM2; building ensembles; ESM1.5 40 ensemble historical, CM2 has 5; present day control run with CM2; extensions to 2300 with 8.5 and 1.6 scenarios
    5760* SM – acknowledged NCI ALCG in providing compute for these new runs and larger ensembles
    59 * d. NCI
     62d. NCI
    6064* BE – A new service is undergoing Proof Of Concept and being tested with some early access users from different domains.  The major new component of this is !JupyterLab-Pangeo that allows Jupyter integrated access to multi-node analysis; For climate the proof of concept started with COSIMA-CLEX group, next CSIRO and BoM; depending on testing will make a full release in a month.  Will be in contact with users as we get things ready.
    6165* BE – Expect the Singapore climate group to start on NCI soon
    6468* BE – Ask Peter Dobrohotoff since he is coordinating with the CSIRO researchers and NCI viz team.
    66 * e. COSIMA
     70e. COSIMA
    6872* AH – Multi-institutional agreement almost signed off, 3 partners to sign
    7175* AH – with UMel – coupled MOM6 Wavewatch ¼ degree; starting CICE6/MOM6 coupling discussions with NCAR
    73 * f. NESP
     77f. NESP
    7479* SM – Climate Systems Hub commenced 11 May; draft Knowledge Brokering, Communications, Data Management and Indigenous Partnerships Strategies were submitted to DAWE 14th May; 1st Steering Committee meeting held 21 May; submission of draft Research Plan Version 1 to DAWE 1st June; things moving fast; further work needed on project partner budgets in accord to partner shares.
    76 * g. UM partnership activities
     81g. UM partnership activities
    7883* CF - UM User Virtual Workshop 14-17 June