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     1= ACCESS Oversight Committee - Notes from the 28th May 2020
     3== 1. Update on activities and issues relating to ACCESS
     4=== BOM
     5 * Bertrand Timbal commenced as the new General Manager of the Research Program and will attend these meetings
     6 * Rob Argent leads the new Research to Operations (R2O) Program which will come into effect 1 July
     7 * The Bureau is discussing their R&D plan with CSIRO and their R&D plan. Noted the approach is different - former is more integrated, and the latter a number of components more specific and fit-for-purpose. Further meeting in !Aug/Sept
     8 * Rob Argent will become the next UM Partner Board representative for the Bureau, succeeding Peter May, and will attend the next UM Board meeting in July
     10=== CLEX
     11 * ACCESS-ESM1.5 is running in payu and made available to the community on NCI. CSIRO noted that ACCESS-ESM1.5 hasn’t been updated for some ocean diagnostics which do appear in ACCESS-CM2 and believe that should not take too much effort. Please contact AP for any short-term needs where CLEX can assist.
     12 * Very high-res model is running and the 2km version being prepared
     13 * Analysis of CMIP6 for any skill for compound events is on-going.
     15=== CSIRO
     16 * CSIRO will move over to the same community version of ACCESS-ESM1.5
     17 * Started DAMIP runs (both model versions), also larger ensemble (10 member) with ESM (historical and scenarios)
     18 * ACCESS-CM2 and documentation in release for expert users, including netcdf conversion of UM files as automated process
     20=== NCI
     21 * Profiling on ACCESS models continues - both ACCESS-OM2, community version of ACCESS-CM2, which will include review of model balance particularly given modern architectures have more cores in a node, lower memory, and generally climate models have not been modernised for newer memory vectorisation.
     22 * ESGF/CMIP6 continues to be an intensive activity for staff and data management for the data collection at NCI.
     23 * Public sector bridging grants from ARDC and looking for interested parties to discuss options.
     25=== COSIMA
     26 * Workshop online for the last four weeks.  The talks are available on COSIMA website:
     27 * BGC code is in the report for a BGC+COSIMA code
     28 * Seeking some conversation in preparation for the workshop in August - particularly for each of the BOM and CSIRO R&D plans
     29 * Ryan Holmes (CLEX) got the 2020 award for Most Selfless Contributor for the community.
     31=== Decadal
     32 * Contributions of datasets to UKMO as step to be recognized as a contributing WMO centre for annual to decadal climate prediction.
     33 * Climate Ensemble for the last 6 decades - talk to Richard. It's on CSIRO storage and not available at NCI.
     37=== NESP ESCC
     38 * NESP2 proposal - under preparation
     39 * Welcome Simon Marsland as the new NESP2 hub proposal leader
     40 * Providing a report on the performance ACCESS-CM2 and ESM1.5 on !Gadi/Raijin for DAWE for the next meeting in June.
     43== 2.   CMIP6 activities
     44 * More ACCESS dataset publications are being prepared for the ESGF at NCI
     45 * CMIP6 seminar session this week and next week, with the agenda being finalised.  Previous talks have been well-attended. Noted that there is no single place to advertise for this. SM will distribute some further information to the community.
     46 * DK highlighted the recent NESP Science Webinar from the ESCC Hub.  Michael Grose and Sugata Narsey presented on CMIP6 results, which had the highest ever attendance for an ESCC webinar.
     47 * NCI is preparing the visualisations of both the ACCESS-CM2 and ACCESS-ESM1.5. These will include an audio commentary.  They are anticipated to be released in approx. Aug.
     48 * The Climate DEVL report was shared. General acknowledgement that this has worked very well. Training materials have been prepared and more advertising will take place around these.
     50== 3.   Grand Challenge Simulations
     51 * 400m project has been completed, and the data is being post-processing and then prepared for publication/sharing at NCI. This will include data publication under NCI’s GSKY.
     52 * Specific model runs under CMIP6 activities were generated under the STRESS2020 scheme.
     53 * ALCG grant and jobs ready to go and will commence as soon as NCI has allocated time.
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