ACCESS Oversight Committee - Notes from the 28th May 2020

1. Update on activities and issues relating to ACCESS


  • Bertrand Timbal commenced as the new General Manager of the Research Program and will attend these meetings
  • Rob Argent leads the new Research to Operations (R2O) Program which will come into effect 1 July
  • The Bureau presented their R&D plan to CSIRO and CSIRO O&A presented some of their current/future directions. Noted the approach is different - former is more integrated, and the latter a number of components more specific and fit-for-purpose. Possible further meeting in Aug/Sept
  • Rob Argent will become the next UM Partner Board representative for the Bureau, succeeding Peter May, and will attend the next UM Board meeting in July


  • ACCESS-ESM1.5 is running in payu and made available to the community on NCI. CSIRO noted that ACCESS-ESM1.5 hasn’t been updated for some ocean diagnostics which do appear in ACCESS-CM2 and believe that should not take too much effort. Please contact AP for any short-term needs where CLEX can assist.
  • Very high-res model is running and the 2km version being prepared
  • Analysis of CMIP6 for any skill for compound events is on-going.


  • CSIRO will move over to the same community version of ACCESS-ESM1.5
  • Started DAMIP runs (both model versions), also larger ensemble (10 member) with ESM (historical and scenarios)
  • ACCESS-CM2 and documentation in release for expert users, including netcdf conversion of UM files as automated process


  • Profiling on ACCESS models continues - both ACCESS-OM2, community version of ACCESS-CM2, which will include review of model balance particularly given modern architectures have more cores in a node, lower memory, and generally climate models have not been modernised for newer memory vectorisation.
  • ESGF/CMIP6 continues to be an intensive activity for staff and data management for the data collection at NCI.
  • Public sector bridging grants from ARDC and looking for interested parties to discuss options.


  • Workshop online for the last four weeks. The talks are available on COSIMA website:
  • BGC code is in the report for a BGC+COSIMA code
  • Seeking some conversation in preparation for the workshop in August - particularly for each of the BOM and CSIRO R&D plans
  • Ryan Holmes (CLEX) got the 2020 award for Most Selfless Contributor for the community.


  • Contributions of datasets to UKMO as step to be recognized as a contributing WMO centre for annual to decadal climate prediction.
  • Climate Ensemble for the last 6 decades - talk to Richard. It's on CSIRO storage and not available at NCI.


  • NESP2 proposal - under preparation
  • Welcome Simon Marsland as the new NESP2 hub proposal leader
  • Providing a report on the performance ACCESS-CM2 and ESM1.5 on Gadi/Raijin for DAWE for the next meeting in June.

2. CMIP6 activities

  • More ACCESS dataset publications are being prepared for the ESGF at NCI
  • CMIP6 seminar session this week and next week, with the agenda being finalised. Previous talks have been well-attended. Noted that there is no single place to advertise for this. SM will distribute some further information to the community.
  • DK highlighted the recent NESP Science Webinar from the ESCC Hub. Michael Grose and Sugata Narsey presented on CMIP6 results, which had the highest ever attendance for an ESCC webinar.
  • NCI is preparing the visualisations of both the ACCESS-CM2 and ACCESS-ESM1.5. These will include an audio commentary. They are anticipated to be released in approx. Aug.
  • The Climate DEVL report was shared. General acknowledgement that this has worked very well. Training materials have been prepared and more advertising will take place around these.

3. Grand Challenge Simulations

  • 400m project has been completed, and the data is being post-processing and then prepared for publication/sharing at NCI. This will include data publication under NCI’s GSKY.
  • Specific model runs under CMIP6 activities were generated under the STRESS2020 scheme.
  • ALCG grant and jobs ready to go and will commence as soon as NCI has allocated time.


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