ACCESS Oversight Committee - Notes from the 25th March 2021

1. ACCESS Science Day

  • An ACCESS Science Day was proposed with groups meeting, where COVID safe, in key centres
  • Possible sessions: 400m and other high-res simulations, CMIP6, Ocean and sea-ice progress, ambitions for next 5-10 years in Australia, updates on ACCESS-NRI, CaRSA, NESP
  • Possible two days to cover science and strategy
  • Placeholder for June 10 and 11
  • R Law, C Franklin and university rep to start organising

2. Round-table - update on activities and issues relating to ACCESS


  • BoM are leading a UM GMED Process Evaluation Group (PEG) focussed on the Indo-Pacific with a workshop on 19th April
  • GC4 coupled NWP suite now set up on Gadi
  • Regional modelling - km scale downscaling (1986-2059 summers) completed for parts of Australia
  • UKMO releasing new high resolution modelling suite (RAL3) for testing by partners. Likely ~6 months before it should be used for research applications


  • Application for Australasian Leadership Computing Grant not successful
  • Coupled model with 0.25 degree ocean - needing CSIRO input


  • A present day control run underway with ACCESS-CM2
  • ACCESS-ESM1.5 has run some LUMIP (land-use) simulations
  • Aiming to clean up ACCESS simulation archives and split data access into separate project from compute (currently p66)


  • Multi-institutional agreement still being finalised
  • First configuration with MOM6 regional model developed (South of 37S, 1/20 degree). Initial results look promising, evaluation ongoing


  • Slow ramping up with attempts to accelerate under encouragement from the Department. Department aware of conflicting timelines on many projects affecting NESP
  • BoM lead will be Pandora Hope

UM partnership activities

  • UM user workshop will be week of 14th June
  • UM partnership board meeting held recently. Discussed UKMO plans around COP26 and invitation for collaboration
  • George Pankiewicz is now Head of Science Partnerships at the UKMO. Joao Teixeira will replace George Pankiewicz as the UM Partnership manager from April 2021.


  • Dale Holland (EO for DVC-RI, ANU) provided an update to the meeting. Plan is to have Board (including government observer) set up and first meeting before July 1st. Funding agreement draft under preparation. Collaboration agreement being prepared and circulated. Possibilities on interim director being discussed. Discussion with NCI on access to resources for NRI and model users.
  • Need to be an active part of NCRIS landscape, particularly next roadmap

4. Other business

  • Need for continuing discussion around understanding the current funding landscape of different programs, including their aims and sources - allowing us all to identify opportunities and avoid duplication
  • Next meeting to include a discussion on how to develop a strategy for Australian modelling on a 5-10 year horizon

5. Next meeting 22nd April 2021


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