ACCESS Oversight Committee - Notes from the 24th June 2021


  • Update on ACCESS-NRI presented at ACCESS Science Day by R Coleman
  • R Coleman visited Canberra for discussions with partners, NCI and NESP2 contacts, Government departments. Joined NCRIS directors monthly meetings including discussion of Govt 2021 roadmap (
  • Work continuing on funding agreement and collaboration agreements (almost ready for circulating). Next steps draft first year plan and NRI Director position description.
  • NCRIS survey - ensure publicised to get a good representation of community input

2. ACCESS Science Day feedback

  • Positive feedback on breadth of activities in ACCESS from new attendees; days went well but long.
  • All presentations are available online through the ACCESS wiki: Thursday 10th June talks, Friday 11th June talks
  • Discussion of a further workshop in mid-August to early-September focussing on ACCESS community via a series of small group discussions on particular topics e.g. impact area (NESP) and what that means for model development (NRI)

3. Round-table - update on activities and issues relating to ACCESS


  • ACCESS-S2 [hindcast?] will be finished later this month


  • Machine Learning & data science big in unis but not well connected with our area. Keen to see BoM priorities to funnel students to work on this
  • 15 postdoc positions progressing well.
  • Losing staff to big companies (like Deloittes) to do climate work. Challenge to get enough high quality people to fill all the jobs we need. Melbourne uni starting Masters in climate literacy.
  • ACCESS-ESM 1.5 is in big demand from paleo community (cheaper to run than ACCESS-CM2) – job for ACCESS-NRI to enable use


  • ACCESS-CM2 and ACCESS-ESM1.5 simulations continuing (building ensembles)


  • Preparing new infrastructure. Testing by climate community with good, early feedback. Plan to go out to early user mode in 3-4 weeks.


  • Climate Systems Hub commenced 11 May; draft Knowledge Brokering, Communications, Data Management and Indigenous Partnerships Strategies were submitted to DAWE 14th May; 1st Steering Committee meeting held 21 May; submission of draft Research Plan Version 1 to DAWE 1st June; things moving fast; further work needed on project partner budgets in accord to partner shares
  • ACCESS is an important part of NESP. Did well keeping within their budget envelope. Looking for policy relevance e.g. overshoot scenarios.
  • Hub leaders met with Minister Susan Ley. Dept are excited by climate adaptation mission.

UM partnership activities

  • UM users workshop held recently. In addition to usual sessions also had a ML & Data Science session which is new and building.

4. Next meeting 22 July 2021


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