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     1= ACCESS Oversight Committee - Notes from the 23rd July 2020
     3== 1. Round-table - update on activities and issues relating to ACCESS
     5=== CSIRO
     7 * Ongoing contributions from CM2 and ESM1.5 to CMIP6.
     8 * CM2 model description paper accepted in JSHESS
     9 * Some UM Partner funds likely available for tool development given current inability to hold face-to-face meetings
     10 * UM users virtual workshop to be held in Oct-Nov
     13=== COSIMA
     14 * OMIP runs for CMIP6 in partnership with CSIRO and CLEX
     15 * 0.1deg OM being run for full cycle 1958-2019 driven by JRA reanalyses, possibly 2nd full cycle
     16 * Application submitted to ARC for COSIMA renewal
     18=== NESP/NESP2
     19 * ESCC Hub contributions to ACCESS CMIP6 runs described above
     20 * David Karoly introduced discussion on NESP2 Climate Systems Hub proposal submitted end of June
     21 * Jaci Brown led the proposal, same partners as ESCC Hub, plus states. Simon Marsland selected as new Hub Leader, ACCESS key part of research objectives, co-design research with DAWE, NCI is an affiliate partner, data storage and data wrangling key aspects of proposal. Decision on proposal to be announced in Sept, research planning phase Oct ’20 – June ’21, then research to start in July 2021.
     23=== CLEX
     24 * No update on ACCESS NRI proposals under NCRIS, decision possible at 6 Oct budget.
     25 * Delayed ARC mid-term review of CLEX to be held in October.
     27=== Bureau of Meteorology
     28 * New UM city-scale NWP system "ACCESS-C3/CE3", 1.5km resolution, set up for 6 Australian city domains and will be going operational over the next two weeks.  This is the first of 2 planned releases, with a second release to include a domain covering northeastern Queensland.
     29 * Plans to test 100m resolution for 2024 Paris Olympics, with trials focussing on impactful weather and urban heat island, in a collaboration with the Met Office.
     30 * Rob Argent new General Manager of Research to Operations area in Bureau, in parallel with Bertrand Timbal as GM Research.
     32=== NCI
     33 * Re-baseline performance testing of a number of ACCESS model configurations on Gadi and comparison to results on Raijin and other hardware that we gain access to.
     34 * UM11.7 version from UKMO has been tested on Gadi and being set up.
     35 * Visualisations of ACCESS CMIP6 CM2 and ESM1.5 runs still being worked on
     36 * Quantum computer emulator is available on NCI. Unlikely to be useful for ACCESS models, but contact Ben Evans if interested.
     37 * New NCRIS roadmap, which includes considering HPC needs in Australia, to be completed by Oct 2021
     39== 2.   Update on CMIP6 activities
     40 a. CMIP talks: 1st session of talks went well, not sufficient volunteers for 2nd session yet, Rachel Law will ask again for interest in running another virtual session of talks
     41 b. CMIP6 model releases (CM2 and ESM1.5): Nearly ready for release, check status of documentation, publicise release with webinar possibly thru ESCC Hub. Sub-licences already held by CLEX universities; for new users, Bureau would likely handle NWP and ACCESS-S sub-licence, CSIRO to handle ACCESS-CM2, ESM1.5
     42 c. Interest in workshop/training at AMOS conference. Agreed to offer online ACCESS-CM2, ESM1.5 training workshop at AMOS-2021, support from ESCC Hub and CLEX CMS team. NCI running a data training workshop.
     44== 3.   Update on Grand Challenge Simulations
     45 a. NCI STRESS2020: STRESS2020 400m weather simulation completed, visualization started, datasets very large and will be made available at NCI.
     46 b. ALCG grants: Richard Matear noted  that ALCG runs ongoing, but currently insufficient scratch space for new ALCG runs
     48== 4. Other business
     49 a. Change of membership and representation of NESP CS Hub:
     50As discussed earlier, Simon Marsland will be NESP2 Climate Systems Hub Leader. David Karoly recommends that Simon act as NESP Hub member of AOC from Sept 2020, observer in August 2020 meeting. DK’s last meeting on AOC will be August.
     51 b. ACCESS coupling to ice sheet model:
     52New funding from ARC to UTas for SRI for Excellence in Antarctic Science, $20M over 3 years. Will seek to link Antarctic ice sheet model to ACCESS. Details uncertain. Separate from AAPP. UKESM has been linked to ice sheet model.
     54Next meeting Thursday 27 August
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