ACCESS Oversight Committee - Notes from the 25th February 2021


  • ANU has received correspondence from the Department to initiate the ACCESS-NRI, as proposed in the scoping.
  • Dale Holland (EO for DVC-RI, ANU) will lead ANU's effort to initiate the Formal Collaboration Agreement, which will allow money to flow.
  • Dale joined the AOC meeting for this item.
  • Next step is for Dale to get in touch with each of the principle partners about the process.

2. Round-table - update on activities and issues relating to ACCESS



  • Climate simulations - still feeding through CMIP6 simulations. Storage rather than compute is current limitation.
  • Bug in AMIP-CM2 runs in the way masks were set up. Little impact on simulation but being re-run.
  • Working with CLEX on putting the 0.25° ocean into CM2 then will think about N216 atmosphere.
  • Matt Woodhouse & Ashok Luhar running the chemistry version of ACCESS – ongoing.


  • Getting CABLE into JULES still work underway (Claire Carouge)
  • Spinup run for last millennium with ACCESS-ESM has faced some crashes with land model/input.
  • CLEX now has a research program explicitly devoted to modelling.
  • Queried whether we should aim for an ACCESS-CM2-01-N216 ALCG application – determined that we should go ahead and apply. Some discussion on the utility of running such high-resolution simulations.


  • Asks for quick input around Australian simulation data still needing to be published for the CMIP6 archive, including a rough capacity number, e.g. OMIP data.


  • ACCESS-S2 seasonal prediction system real-time trials have started.
  • Near real-time trials of the National Analysis System, which is an ACCESS 2.2km system, are running.
  • New urban working group has been set up under the UM Partnership RMED (Regional Model Evaluation and Development) program, Bureau and CSIRO are involved.
  • Bureau is participating in the Paris 2024 Olympics Research Demonstration Project, which involves running 100m ACESS simulations over Paris using the urban canopy model MORUSES (Met Office and Reading University Surface Exchange System).


  • Multi-institutional Agreement in progress for COSIMA2 funding. Eddy resolving BGC simulation (historical + future) is being planned for Q2.


  • WG1 Coupled modelling session in December 2020. CMIP6/7 survey expected for users and stakeholders. Mixed appetite for CMIP7 in the future.
  • CJ noted WCRP meeting on the future of climate modelling in September – should we begin coordinating an Australian position on this issue? If there is no CMIP7, then we need a position on future investment in model development.
  • NESP2 contract negotiation is ongoing – given co-design, not clear whether projects will be ready for a July 1 start.

3. Next meeting 25th March 2021


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