ACCESS Oversight Committee, 17 February 2020

First, we have had a change in personnel with Peter May’s retirement from the Bureau and Helen Cleugh’s stepping down as director of the CSIRO Climate Science Centre. We acknowledge and thank Helen and Peter for their very considerable efforts around ACCESS. Jaci Brown has replaced Helen. Peter May will be replaced in due course.

Other things to report:

  1. Release of ACCESS-CM2 CMIP6 version on Gadi – 200 years pre-industrial control have now been run on Gadi. There are some differences from earlier runs but these are basically within expectations. A release of CM2 on Gadi is imminent with Scott Wales undertaking some testing and Martin Dix tidying up the workflow and documentation to help future users.
  2. There is no news (good or bad) on the ACCESS NRI. It is unlikely anything will be known prior to the May Federal budget.
  3. A “grand challenge” simulation is being undertaken led by Christian Jakob with collaboration from the Bureau of Meteorology. This will be a very high resolution simulation with the UK. NCI have allocated resources to enable this. Further details to come.
    1. There are issues with ESMval tool at NCI not running and there is a long history to this. If you want ESMval tool please tell us as a matter of urgency
  4. A report by COSIMA was received – and they have highlighted some ACCESS related publications. We are happy to list future papers related to ACCESS in these bulletins if details are provided to your organisational lead.

Our next meeting will be held in March on a date yet to be confirmed.

Recent COSIMA publications

Kiss, A. E., Hogg, A. McC., Hannah, N., Boeira Dias, F., Brassington, G. B., Chamberlain, M. A., Chapman, C., Dobrohotoff, P., Domingues, C. M., Duran, E. R., England, M. H., Fiedler, R., Griffies, S. M., Heerdegen, A., Heil, P., Holmes, R. M., Klocker, A., Marsland, S. J., Morrison, A. K., Munroe, J., Nikurashin, M., Oke, P. R., Pilo, G. S., Richet, O., Savita, A., Spence, P., Stewart, K. D., Ward, M. L., Wu, F., and Zhang, X.: ACCESS-OM2 v1.0: a global ocean–sea ice model at three resolutions, Geosci. Model Dev., 13, 401–442,, 2020.

Stewart, K.D. and A.McC. Hogg, 2019. Southern Ocean heat and momentum uptake are sensitive to the vertical resolution at the ocean surface, Ocean Modelling, 143,

Stewart, K.D., W.M. Kim, S. Urakawa, A.McC. Hogg, S. Yeager, H. Tsujino, H. Nakano, A.E. Kiss, and G. Danabasoglu: JRA55-do-based repeat year forcing datasets for driving ocean–sea-ice models, Ocean Modelling, 147,, 2020

Dias, F.B., C.M. Domingues, S.J. Marsland, S.M. Griffies, S.R. Rintoul, R. Matear, and R. Fiedler: On the superposition of mean advective and eddy-induced transports in global ocean heat and salt budgets, J. Clim., 33(3), 1121-1140,, 2020.

Pilo, G.S., N.J. Holbrook, A.E. Kiss, and A.McC. Hogg: Sensitivity of Marine Heatwave Metrics to Ocean Model Resolution, Geophys. Res. Lett., 46(24), 14604-14612,, 2019.


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